5 areas on which to compliment your man for a healthy relationship

5 areas on which to compliment your man for a healthy relationship
  • PublishedSeptember 17, 2021

Openly and genuinely appreciating your partner helps create space for vulnerability and friendship in your relationship. Aside from cementing your bond, complimenting your man increases his confidence in you as their partner. They become aware that you value them and get to count on you as their greatest cheerleader.

It could be his style, how he handles tough situations, or just how he holds the steering wheel. Pointing out what you appreciate about him makes him value you, and the feeling you give him.

Here are some areas you can compliment him on taking note of the phrase, ‘It’s not what is said, but how it’s said that matters.’


They might not be there yet but are working towards reaching a certain goal. Recognizing these efforts will give him the drive to keep on trying and not give up along the way.

The same applies to handling issues in your relationship. If you’ve mentioned a habit you would like him to take up or drop, give him credit for the steps he takes to make that work. Also, show him you appreciate the little things he does for you and the relationship.


Celebrate his achievements, both big and small. Remind him often that you are proud of him and admire his passion and accomplishments. Men feel highly motivated when their partners are proud of them. When things get tough, remind him of these milestones and let him know that he is capable of handling the latest challenge.

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If you don’t gas up your man on his appearance, who will? Wow at his new haircut and tell them to do those 360 degrees turns when they dress up. Take pictures of them and do role-play as runway models. Remind him how handsome he is and emphasize traits that make him more attractive.


Acknowledge him on his manliness and compliment masculine things he does in the relationship. This could be something such as stepping up in the face of challenges or even lifting something heavy.

Appreciate his decision making or problem-solving skills and mention how smart he is. Giving him this secure feeling highly boosts his self-confidence to want to take up more tasks.

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From money issues, to how it goes down in the bedroom- where do you draw the line?


One of the best compliments you could give a man is how much he satisfies you. Sex and intimacy, being an important part of unions, highly reflect on your relationship with your partner.

Make bedroom matters an open discussion and work together to spice up your time there. Compliment his ideas on new ways to spend time together, and point out what he does that meets your desires.

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Take home

Compliments can be the key to a lasting relationship. When you compliment your partner, it tells that you care and appreciate who they are.

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