Law Society Of Kenya(LSK) President, Nelson Havi is seeking to challenge the current CBC curriculum in court. In a tweet he shared on Wednesday, September 8,  Havi said that a petition will be filed next week, which he tied to the cries of parents, guardians and teachers who have had a hard time adjusting to the Competency Based Curriculum(CBC).

"The education system in Kenya should not be an expensive, inefficient and ineffective experiment with our children and their future as is our leadership." he stated.

LSK President Nelson Havi

After its launch to replace the 8-4-4 system, CBC has been embraced differently, with many parents decrying the high costs it has come with. The curriculum, which was designed to put emphasis on developing skills and knowledge in school, has seen parents and guardians required to purchase more learning materials and become more heavily involved in practical assignments.

Some, however, see it as a better system that will churn out skilled citizens, and that it just needs revising to accommodate everyone.

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Havi's move has been welcomed by a number of parents who see that it is high time the court intervenes.