Surviving tough times

  • PublishedFebruary 28, 2017

These can be hard times for young people anywhere in the world. But this should not be an excuse for one to throw in the towel. If anything, it should be a time to fasten your seat belt for only the strongest will survive. We give you tips on how to survive and thrive when times are tough.

Look out for opportunities: Opportunities are everywhere even where you are seated right now. And some of them don’t need money to make them count: all you need is to take a step of faith and the rest will follow. There is a silver lining in every cloud and it is your duty to find it and put it to good use. Keep in mind that not all opportunities will translate to money instantly and this calls for patience.

Take risks: There is no perfect time to do a certain task or start a business or even family. If you find a chance and you are not sure of the next move, grab it and run with it for time and tide waits for no man. You may give yourself time to think about it only to realise that someone else has picked it up. Note, even as you take risks, it is wise to look at the pros and cons of your actions.

Take action: The difference between winners and losers is that winners take action while losers don’t. For winners, the word quitting just doesn’t exist in their dictionaries but for losers, they will have excuses and counter excuses on why something cannot and should not be done. Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” But you will never know until you try.

Stay focussed: A winning spirit requires one to have a clear trajectory of what they want to achieve and these are outlined as goals. Don’t be swayed by what is happening around you or the sideshows; keep your eyes on your goals. A winning spirit goes against the norm to achieve what others consider impossible.

Be eager to learn: They say experience is the best teacher – so learn as much as possible from your own experience and from the experiences of others. Don’t allow failure to hold you back from starting all over again. Always rise up every time you fall.

Be energetic: We need spiritual, mental and physical energy in order to achieve great success. We derive spiritual and intellectual energy from the environment around us so it is important to be deliberate on who and what we surround ourselves with. Physical energy comes from our body and in this regard, we better care for it by eating well, resting enough and exercising.

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