Tampon shortage in Nairobi

  • PublishedJanuary 8, 2019

There seems to be a tampon shortage in the city.

A tweet by vocal feminist Scheaffer Okore sparked an online conversation with women commenting in their droves inquiring about this shortage.

Some complained that the few shops stocking tampons had increased the price while others revealed they had to import their stash from abroad as they could not seem to get any in local shops.

Is there really a shortage of this precious commodity?

We sampled some of the tweets as seen below:


Is there a tampon shortage in Nairobi and I’m not talking about the mini ones?

— Scheaffer Okore (@scheafferoo) January 8, 2019

I noticed this in October when trying to get maxi tamps. It’s gotten even harder now to find them. Hakuna

— Mercy Wambui (@wabsnganga) January 8, 2019

Thot my sisters n mother were joking n being fussy when I had to send them tampons n my mums tena pads from London . So it’s true. I thot it was about quality of products https://t.co/Vnn7ixrzio

— Political Action PAC (@ActionKenyaPAC) January 8, 2019

There are actually no tampons in almost all supermarkets in Nairobi right now.. Other shops that have them have inflated the prices so high.. What’s going on?? https://t.co/WGwre66bgs

— Vionna (@Kurlycheeks) January 8, 2019

I thought I was the only one who experienced this. https://t.co/gED3wPWk0F

— Nova☄ (@__cadbury) January 8, 2019

Eldoret tampon shortage!!! https://t.co/qHVNBGnoAQ

— Scheaffer Okore (@scheafferoo) January 8, 2019

The following online shops, Mydawa, Kasha and Heri revealed they were well stocked.

We do deliveries too and our prices are much cheaper https://t.co/ymsEmlVTTd #ShopAtHeri #SaveOnEverything Karibu Heri Online

— HeriOnline (@HeriOnlineS) January 8, 2019

Hello, @ruthnjambuya thank you for the mention. @wabsnganga @scheafferoo We do have Tampons available in @MyDawaApp Please click the link to order and we will deliver to you https://t.co/lQp84yrrod ^DA

— MYDAWA (@MyDawaApp) January 8, 2019

I got you!https://t.co/MoXAFGFGuk

xx https://t.co/BhfoDiqkWl

— Kasha (@Kasha_Kenya) January 8, 2019

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