The cat and dog likeness

  • PublishedAugust 27, 2013

Ever wondered why your husband or boyfriend sulk s after an argument? Or your wife or girlfriend simply does some tongue-lashing while letting everyone know how unfair you are? Just take a look at dogs and cats. It seems cats and dogs can mirror our own behaviour according to author Gerry Maguire Thompson in his book Cats Are from Venus, Dogs Are From Mars. He reveals how cats and dogs, which communicate in deferent ways, can live in harmony.

“Cats and dogs simply need to recognise their differences,” says Thompson. “For example, cats and dogs are worlds apart, just like men and women, in the way they react to problems in a relationship. When a cat is under pressure, she wants to let everyone know she is suffering.

She meets with friends and has a wail, whereas a dog in a similar position will simply retreat to the kennel or hide behind the house .” Sounds familiar?

In times of stress, the cat should go for a professional grooming, take a stroll and generally have a good time by her self, just like most women chose to do, recommends Thompson. But it ’s different for the dog. As soon as the dog has some space and realizes the cat is enjoying herself, he will not want to be left out in the fun and will be straight back out to play. Does that sound like your man? Now you know why cats and dogs be have like women and men respectively in relationships.

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