Top 5 popular Kenyan foods

  • PublishedSeptember 27, 2019

There are a lot of delicious meals all across Kenya and Kenyans love a variety of foods. You have seen nothing yet in this country if you have not tried these 5 popular Kenyan foods.


This is Kenya’s staple starch that is enjoyed in many Kenyan homes. This meal is easy to make and come in many variations.There is brown, yellow and the common white Ugali. Ugali is often eaten with accompaniment .Most eat their ugali with soups,stews, collard greens and any foods with gravy. Some Kenyans even go the extra mile with their love for Ugali and eat it for breakfast as an accompaniment with tea, porridge or coffee.

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This is the Kenyan mashed peas, corn and potatoes. Although originally a meal only loved by residents in Central and Eastern Kenya, Kenyans have made it a staple in their homes. Irio like Ugali also has variations but potatoes, corn are the staple ingredients. Enjoy Irio with some beef or chicken stew or any stew of sort based on your personal preference.


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Githeri holds a special place in most Kenyan’s hearts. It comprises maize and beans boiled till soft.  You can eat after boiling it or make it into a stew by adding meat, potatoes or vegetables of your choice. Boiled githeri alone can be very bland so try adding your favorite spices or make a stew from it.



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Kachumbari is a fresh onion and tomato salad that is popular in East Africa, especially Kenya . This salad has a Swahili name and acts as both a side dish and condiment for almost everything but mostly rice dishes and grilled meats. This salad is so simple to make and the two main ingredients are a burst of both color and flavor.


This list would be deemed vague if I didn’t mention Mutura. Saving the best for the last, Mutura is one the most loved street foods in Kenya. It is hard to miss crowds enjoying the delicacy which has earned the moniker ‘African sausage’ on most evenings.  It is prepared by stuffing intestines with blood, minced meat and spices then roasting it. It is cheap and most Kenyans who can’t afford meat opt for it. Try mutura in a street near you and we can guarantee you will love it.

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