When milk ducts get clogged…

  • PublishedFebruary 17, 2014

A clogged milk duct occurs when some milk dries up inside the duct and blocks the flow of milk. In most cases, it happens when a mother does not drain the milk properly after each breastfeeding session. This particularly happens in the early days of breastfeeding when the breasts may feel heavy and bloated.  If you have a hard breast lump that is tender to the touch, it could be a clogged milk duct. And if not treated, it could lead to mastitis, an extremely painful and uncomfortable breast infection

To ensure your milk ducts don’t get clogged always ensure that your breasts are drained of all the milk after every feeding. This can be accomplished if you allow your baby to feed for at least ten minutes on each breast. Wearing a well-fitting breastfeeding bra could also help avoid clogging. Also try to vary your breastfeeding positions.

To treat clogged ducts, continually breast feed and empty the breasts, which will eventually reduce any inflammation. If your baby is not able to get all the milk during breastfeeding, extract the remainder using a breast milk extractor or squeezing it out.

Published on January 2013

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