Why moringa is good for you

Why moringa is good for you
  • PublishedFebruary 23, 2021

The world is slowly waking up to a new superfood, one that’s native to India and Africa, that we have been  consuming  for centuries- the  Moringa plant.  Moringa Oleifera (MO)has been revered for thousands of years as the miracle tree, and also goes by the drumstick tree. To s0me, however, this tree is quite new yet it has many benefits.  Its nutrient-rich leaves and seeds help the body in various ways, not only for your health and beauty but also by helping you protect yourself and cure diseases. Here are some reasons why the moringa tree is beneficial to you:

Protecting and nourishing the skin

Moringa is an oil-rich tree. The oil comes from its seeds and is good for protecting your skin and hair, and keeping  it clean and healthy. Moringa  also contains hydrating and detoxifying elements, which also boost the skin and hair health. It is also used in curing skin infections and sores.

Foods that fight inflammation
When you suffer from infections such as pneumonia, the body releases a similar response to fight off the infection.

Preventing cancer and diabetes

Moringa contains niazimicin, which is a  sugar compound that suppresses the development of  any cancer cells in your body. Niazimicin also helps control blood glucose levels, which can prevent diabetes.

Making bones healthier

Moringa is also highly rich in calcium and phosphorous which are compounds that help keep your bones strong and healthy. Once moringa has been harvested and its pup extracted, the extracts can help treat arthritis and also speed up the recovery of injured bones.

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Giving you a good mood

Plucking those moringa leaves and cooking them together with your vegetables or using moringa powder in your dishes and drinks can help ease depression, fatigue or anxiety, giving you a good mood. A 2015 study on the effects of moringa found that the herbal remedy was a safer antidepressant compared to lab-manufactured ones which are know to have various side-effects.

Bottom line

If you have been a skeptic about natural products, then the benefits above give you enough reason to start using moringa products. To get even more benefits of the the moringa plant, always  check if your favorite brand of skin care products has moringa.

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