10 annoying habits hairdressers have

  • PublishedAugust 7, 2019

Not all people embraced natural hair because they wanted to, some did because they just could not deal with these 10 annoying habits hairdressers have anymore.

No acknowledgement

Have you ever walked into a salon and just stood at the door, while everybody else minds their own businesses and ignore you? Annoying, right? However busy you are, surely you can look up for a second and say hi to someone and show them where to sit?

Wasting time

Most people do to the salons in the morning, leave in the evening. While it is easy to understand when there are clients who came before you, some things the hairdressers do in between waste time. Leaving your hair halfway and running off to fix a sew-in weave and coming back 45 minutes later with no apology is not cool.

Neither is stopping all the time to gossip with fellow hairdressers. Speaking of which, don’t you just hate hairdressers who…

Gossip too much

Walk into most salons and you will receive earfuls of stories that are absolutely none of your business. They talk over you for days, trading high-fives and laughing raucously. It can be so annoying.

Talk ill of previous customers

It is one thing to gossip and another to talk ill of a client. A hairdresser who speaks ill about other customers will most likely speak about you the same way the moment you leave that salon. And, really, what level of disrespect is trash-talking your clients in front of your clients? It shows you have no respect for your business and work place altogether.

Saying they can do something when they cannot

We have seen enough ‘What I wanted vs What I got’ pics on the Internet. Some are so hilarious, others are sad, most are plain disrespectful. There is so much honour and professionalism is telling a client, “No, I can’t do that,” so they can either pick a different style or find someone else to do it. But a good many hairdressers never admit to not knowing how to do something, and try to experiment on your hair.

When they bungle it up…

No apologies!

Again, there is honour in admitting fault. Some hairdressers, when they do not get it right, even offer to do it again. Most have no apologies. They even get angrier than you. That is when they pull out excuses like ‘your forehead is too big, the shape of the head differs, your hair is thin, your hair is too thick, your face is different. The truth is, regardless of the shape, forehead, hair texture – a bad job is a bad job. Few things are worse than leaving the alone looking worse that you walked in.

Pulls your edges

A person who pulls your edges has no respect for you or what you stand for.

Changing prices

You come in, agree on the price then later on after s/he finishes they go, “No, that was too much work, you will add Ksh 500 more.”

Handling you without care

Nobody appreciates a hairdresser who is rough when they are handling their hair, be it when combing, blowdrying, washing or braiding. It is worse when they are giving you attitude while at it.

This is how we do it

Aren’t you just weary of hairdressers you tell to do something your way, but they insist on doing it there way because ‘that is how we do it here’. Tragic.

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