10 Best Dressed Kenyan Celebrity Mums

Being a mum is hard enough, but being a celebrity mum who somehow manages to stay atop your fashion game is the stuff of superhero movies. That is why we

  • PublishedNovember 29, 2019

Being a mum is hard enough, but being a celebrity mum who somehow manages to stay atop your fashion game is the stuff of superhero movies. That is why we love to celebrate these best dressed Kenyan celebrity mums. We do not know how you do what you do, but keep doing it anyway!

Diana Marua

The Queen of the Bahati Empire and wife of Eastland”s Most Beloved crooner Bahati is a woman on a roll. Three ultra famous children and husband, a reality show and a string of businesses, Mrs Bahati is a busy woman. Yet every time she steps out, she gives us something to write home about her fashion and style. Definitely one to watch for, for your fashion inspo.

Sharon Mundia – This is Ess

She has a whole style blog, so of course she is going to rock the living daylights out of her style pre and post partum. Ess’ look has a lot of personality, like she owns them and what she looks good in might not look as good on the next person. But Lord, she looks good. Even in the simplest of things.

Okay, we can either keep waxing lyrical over her style or move on to the next celebrity who is….

Alice Kambua

Mama Nate is a stunner, and with the arrival of little Nathaniel and her comeback into the limelight, she continues to drop look after look. The singer’s best selling point, without her a doubt, is her hair! Who needs to worry about their next hair style when Kambua exists?

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Bridget Shighadi


Bridget’s style is mostly street fashion, which makes her all the more relatable because if you have no idea what to wear you can just peep her IG for inspo. You will most likely have her outfits or variations of them in your closet already. She is unlike…


Whose style is more avant garde, which we looove. But then again this mum of 5 works has some of the best stylists on her speed dial, we cannot expect any less. But the way she carries all the outfits is what drives us crazy – so much confidence, regality, elegance, no apologies and when it it is needed, so much sass.

Maureen Waititu

Tv host, Youtuber and business woman Maureen Waititu’s IG can heal a lot of conditions. Do not even get us started on her fire photoshoots.

Cess Munyoro

This fashion stylist and mum of two definitely walks the talk when it come to her personal style. Having styled some of Kenya’s biggest names, she has the Midas touch when it comes to turning clothes into statements.

Kate Actress

If there is one thing Kate Actress is never leaving behind is her youth, and it shows in her style and personality. Kate sets every red carpet and every studio she steps into on fire with her undeniable sense of fashion.

Tanasha Donna

Diamond Platnumz latest baby mama is dernier cri . The queen can really hold it down when it comes to her fashion and style. It is from her that we collectively learnt that there is no such thing as ‘mum fashion’. Even when expecting little Naseeb she stuck to her fashion guns and came out with all fashion guns blazing after giving birth to her son.

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Jacky Vike

If there is a word that can aptly define Jacky’s style, it is vogue. I am sure there is a better word, but vogue will suffice for now. If Kate Actress sets red carpets on fire, Jacky Vike burns the whole place down, right after snatching everyone’s wigs. She is, simply put, the best dressed Kenyan celebrity mom. Yap, we said it. (We might have added come and beat us but we are scared some of you might actually do it).

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And with that, we close the list on the best dressed Kenyan celebrity mums. Did we leave anybody out?

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