3 Top tips for happiness

  • PublishedFebruary 27, 2017

Detox your mind, clean your environment and demonstrate gratitude and appreciation. These are three top tips to help you find authentic inner happiness and success in your life…

1 Detox your mind

Many people have unhelpful negative thoughts running through their minds that limit their happiness and success. These can be along the lines of ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘ I’m not pretty enough’, ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I don’t have enough money to do what I want,’ and so on. There are plenty of excuses you can find to give yourself reasons not to be happy. But many of the obstacles you put in your own way can be shifted. You need to change your thinking and banish the negative thoughts that are holding you back from the happiness you want.

“When you tell a new and better story, you feel different. When you feel different, the shift in your emotions will improve and you will be happier.”

Try this exercise: One quick way to do a mind detox is to change the story you are telling yourself and other people. Write down the negative and limiting stories that you are prone to tell yourself and then decide that you are going to drop these stories with immediate effect and tell a new positive and better story.

2 Clean your environment

Are there people around you who constantly bring you down? If yes, it’s time to clean your environment and get rid of them. You know those people who can really make you feel bad. They might want to trade gossip, criticise and only talk about things that are going wrong. Negative friends and family can bring you down faster than anything.

“To feel happier, opt for smiles and laughs from those around you, not gossip and bad stories.”

Try this exercise: Pay attention to the effect other people have on you. If there are individuals who are gossiping, making you feel bad or generally bringing you down, notice this tendency and take some active steps to make some changes. Either move away from these energy zappers or make a positive decision not to be affected by other’s emotions and attitudes. If the people who bring you down are work colleagues, find a way to politely stay away from the negative conversations as much as possible and not get involved. Notice how other people make you feel and head towards the ones who make you feel good.

3 Demonstrate gratitude and appreciation

Happiness research shows that the happiest people are those who demonstrate a high level of gratitude and appreciation for what they already have. Those who live in poorer communities often score higher on the happiness research index than those who are more affluent. To develop deeper levels of happiness, it’s important to begin by boosting your appreciation of what you do have – this might be friends, health, family, community, resources, food, work – it doesn’t matter what it is. When you feel true gratitude in life and deep appreciation, your real feelings of happiness soar.

“Change your inner voice – make it kinder, softer and more positive. This will change your world and instantly improve your happiness.”

Try this exercise: List seven of life’s simple things you are grateful for in your life today. List the people whom you deeply appreciate in your life. List three random acts of kindness that you could do today to make others happy. Notice what you are grateful for day by day.

Believe in miracles…

Miracles are love in action and if you don’t believe in them they will never happen to you. We can attract miracles into our lives but only if we truly believe they are possible. Forget about not allowing yourself to believe in case you are disappointed. Fear of disappointment will stand in your way for ever! Expect a miracle. Wholeheartedly believe one will happen and keep trusting. The miracle might not be the one you were expecting but something amazing will happen. Belief is the most powerful magic of all.

Published March 2017

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