SLAYING EYEBROWS! Guide to perfect eyebrows

  • PublishedFebruary 27, 2017

Choose the right shape. To begin with, you need to talk to an experienced stylist or make-up artist about choosing an eyebrow shape that best suits your face. If you leave the styling of your brows in the hands of someone in-experienced, the results can be pretty horrifying.

Consider tweezing or threading your eyebrows rather than shaving them with a razor blade as the former makes it easy to shape and takes longer for the eyebrows to grow back. Your stylist should, however, be careful enough not to pluck away too much hair from your eyebrows.

It is worth noting that different eyebrow shapes can do different things to your face. For instance:

Flat eyebrows: Are great for people with long faces, as they tend to make the face appear more oval and more natural.

Angled eyebrows: Those who want to have a face-lift should opt for this shape, as they make one appear younger.

Soft-angled eyebrows: This shape is more like the angled eyebrow but its peak is softer, more subtle and feminine. It is often referred to as the perfect eyebrow.

Curved eyebrows: These tend to look professional and often work with all face shapes.

Round eyebrows: They make the face appear rounder and soften one’s facial features.

Fill your eyebrows. Once you find the perfect shape, use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the space areas of your brows. The eye pencil will help you to see where your eyebrows should start and end and where the arch should go so as to define your brows and give them a full shape. Ensure you use the right eye pencil colour shade to fill your brows. Pick a pencil that is the same or close to the colour of your hair. Whereas it is not advisable to go for a pencil that is darker than your hair colour, you can go for a shade lighter. Ensure you apply the eye pencil in the direction that your eyebrow hairs grow naturally as this will help to create a more natural-looking eyebrow.

Pop your eyes. Consider applying some eye shadow around your eyes, as this will make your eyes pop and your face glow. Be careful however especially when using shimmery colours for eye shadow because although these reflect light and give you a radiant look, they also end up highlighting wrinkles and lines around your eyes, which doesn’t enhance your beauty.

If you wish to use a concealer, go for one that is a shade lighter than your skin tone, as this will outline your eyebrows. Blend the concealer with a small brush. A lighter concealer will add a highlight under your brows, which will make your eyes pop.

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