A 31 year old teacher has been accused of sexually molesting young learners in Toi Primary School, Kibera.

The parents learnt over the weekend that the teacher who they considered likeable and talented was sexually assaulting their children.

On Tuesday morning, parents and pupils demonstrated against the teacher. His heinous act was revealed after a pupil confessed of being sodomised multiple times by the teacher.

The Standard four boy had been quiet about it for while. However, he couldn’t hold the silence any longer as this time the teacher had hurt him badly.

Hassan Ibrahim, a parent at the school, said that the incident occurred on Saturday.

“On Saturday’s the pupils learn until lunch hour and leave for home. The rape occurred after the other pupils had left for home,” the parents say.

“The boy has been quiet about it all along. It is only that this time round the teacher hurt him badly. Blood and a watery substance were oozing from his (victim’s) anal region. He was unable to walk properly or go for a long call,” Ibrahim informed The Standard.

The parents of the assaulted boy took him to Nairobi Women’s Hospital where the doctors confirmed that he had been raped for a while now.

At the hospital, the eleven year old pupil confided in the doctor that it was the teacher who molested him.

“So far, three more boys and one girl have come forward, but we suspect there could be more victims,” said Kate Wangui, a rights activist.

Parents say that the victims age range 10 to 12. One of the sexually molested pupils is disabled. The victims say that the teacher would molest them on benches or desks inside locked classrooms.

The suspected was arrested on Tuesday and is being detained at Kilimani Police Station.