There is something so comforting about someone with a Maasai shuka wrapped about them when in an international airport. It feels so homely, and surreal. Homely because most households have Maasai shukas, and they are mostly only brought out when someone is traveling. But apart from fighting cold, which they do beautifully, did you know you can wear them as outfits? Here are 3 Maasai shuka outfits you can create with just a belt. You do not even have to cut them up and sew it so it will always remain as a wrap.

As a poncho

Simply fold the Maasai shuka into two, drape in over the shoulders  and tie a slim belt around your waist and voila! You have a whole Maasai shuka outfit to beat the cold morning! You can wear this over jeans and shirt a pair of jeans and a shirt as a poncho and you will be good to go!


Sleeveless look

You can get rid of the ‘sleeves’ by just letting it hang down your neck and securing it with a belt as in this picture.

As a shirt, dress

You can turn into into a shirt too, or a pseudo-dress that you can wear over tights and be on your way. Yu wrap it as you did in the first picture, but this time make sure there is no gap between either sides of the Maasai shuka. You might need a bigger belt to hold it place securely, otherwise you have the Maasai shuka outfit number 2!

Fashion blogger Joy Kendi in a Maasai shuka outfit

Maasai shuka outfits

With a skirt

Let nobody lie to you that you cannot pair those Maasai shuka outfits with skirts. Fold the shuka twice, or thrice – whichever suits your fancy. Position one of the resulting Vs down your torso, so it rests below your waist. Secure it with a belt and maybe a safety pin at the neck and that’s just it!

Maasai shuka outfits

Maasai shuka outfits

So many outfit styles can come out of your Maasai shuka, don’t be scared to be creative. All you need is a belt to secure it and hold it in the position you want. You can totally where these during casual Fridays at your work place.

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