Technology is exciting. It makes life easy, fun and enjoyable. There is so much to explore in this vast and fascinating space. From social media, to dating apps, transport and banking services at the touch of of button, the benefits are limitless.

However, technology has a dark side, a really dark side. For starters it can be very addictive. It has become the norm to see both children and parents busy on their phones with no time for human interaction.There are also safety concerns that you need to be on the look out for,  from hackingAlso not forgetting the and depression and loneliness issues that rise from too much use of social media

That is why you should be at the forefront in protecting your children from dangers that lurk behind the screens.

Below are tips to help you be a better digital parent

Talk with your children

Be open with your children. Take time to talk to them about technology. Share with them how they can best use it. Share with them your expectations and constantly remind them that having technological gadgets is a privilege and  not a right. Teach them how to be kind and respectful online and also how to deal with online trolls.

Use parental controls

It can seem like an intrusion into their privacy and online freedom but it is important to put in some security controls into what your children can be able to access to. Routinely check and change privacy settings on your child’s gadgets and social media. Install apps that prevent access to adult and betting sites.

Set ground rules and enforce consequences

If you are not careful technology can take over your lives leaving you complete strangers who just live in the same house with nothing else in common. Set rules how much time should be spent on social media and games and stick to that religiously. Do not be afraid to remove tech privileges if rules are broken. Try and enforce a ‘no phones during meal times’ rule. Games and phones should also be used after house chores and school assignments are completed.

Educate yourself

Take an active approach in learning the latest trends. Try the apps that your children are using to ensure they align with your values and tech rules. Do not be shy about asking your tech savvy nephews and nieces questions regarding apps and what’s trending.

Remember to respect your child’s online privacy. Do not be that parent who always comments on each post or pester them at home on their posts. While at it refrain from sending them forwards, they just can’t stand such behaviours.