A good morning workout is the best start to any kind of day, but it’s a lot easier said than done. We’ve compiled a list of four practical hacks that you can use to help you get the energy you need to start your day the perfect way.

Start small

One way to get yourself to wake up in the morning, particularly for a workout, is to lie to yourself. “If you want to start a new habit and begin living healthier and happier, then I have one suggestion that I cannot emphasise enough: start small. Make it so easy that you cannot say no,” author of Transform Your Habits (Penguin),James Clear, writes.

One example of this is tell yourself that you will only exercise for five minutes and then get back to bed as soon as you’re done when you’re struggling to get up. Chances are you will believe yourself and get up. Once you’re up and moving, it’s unlikely that you will only exercise for five minutes. The real mission is to get you out of bed.

Commit to a short challenge

Another way to keep you motivated is to create a challenge for yourself that doesn’t seem too daunting. An example of this is to start on either a 21-day or 30-day challenge.

Speaking to Bustle,Leo Babauta, founder of Zen Habits, advocates this.

“Give yourself rewards, commit to it in public, post your routines up on the wall at home and near your desk, and don’t have any other goals or habit changes going on while you do this,” Babauta said.

“If you can really put your energy and focus into it for 30 days, it will become more automatic and require less energy.”

Sleep in your workout gear

Sometimes when you’re struggling to wake up, a discouraging factor could be that you still need to change into your workout clothes. One great strategy that is an almost sure-fire way to help you get up and go for a run, workout in your lounge/balcony or make your way to the gym is to sleep in your workout gear.

This way, all you have to do in the morning is get up, brush your teeth and you’re good to go. It cuts out a lot of the admin in between you getting up and working out.

Sleep with your phone far from you

Unless you’re an extremely deep sleeper, there’s no other reason that this strategy would not work for you. If you sleep with your phone under your pillow, or next to you on the bedside table, it’s very easy to either hit the snooze button or turn the alarm completely off as soon as it starts ringing.

This strategy suggests that when you go to bed, you should leave your phone somewhere far from you, but close enough that you would be able to hear the alarm go off. This is so that when you’re alarm does go off in the morning, you have no choice but to get up if you want to switch it off. Like we said, the mission is to get you out of bed, as soon as that happens, it will be a lot easier to get ready for your morning workout.