For your wedding, you might be tempted to copy and paste some heartfelt messages from the internet to use as vows. Given the dedication and time planning the wedding requires from you, copying is understandable. Your vows will still sound lovely and your partner might shed a tear or two.

The fulfilment that comes with writing your own vows, however, is unmatched. Reciting them during this special day adds more intention and you get to remember these words throughout your marriage.

So, grab a pen and let's work on how you can come up with a meaningful message to your partner on your big day.

Write from your heart

It's all in expressing how you truly feel. Do not be shy to pour your heart out and get all mushy. Write about how your partner makes you feel, the plans you have for the future and the promises you vow to keep in the marriage. This makes the vows feel more special as you say them because they will be coming from a place of intent and thought.


Think back to how you first met your now soon-to-be-husband or wife. Focus on what you felt and what made you fall in love. Think of the memories you created. Vows that reminisce on your early relationship days never go wrong.

Your partner will be surprised at the little details you remember and this will definitely melt their heart. It also gives the wedding guests a sneak peek into how you guys met and fell in love.

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Find inspiration

Writing your vows should not keep you from finding inspiration elsewhere. You could borrow one or two lines from books, movies or songs to use as a starting point or finishing point.

Find those memorable lines that speak to you and portray perfectly how you feel about your partner. You might have to watch quite a number of romantic movies for this!

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Embrace humour

Reading out vows can be such a tense moment for everyone. Including humorous messages in your vows could help you loosen up and make your partner laugh out. Such funny moments are also memorable and will give you something to think back to and laugh about in future.

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Come up with a draft

Good vows are rarely written overnight and starting earlier is a great idea. It requires fixes here and there, hence having a draft is ideal for the task. List what you want to have in the vows and highlight your favourite parts to go there. You also want to be able to practice reciting them before the wedding to avoid getting cold feet.

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Take home

Your wedding day is such a special moment for you and your partner. You might not remember some things about this day in future but you'll definitely remember the vows. So bring your A game!

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