Akothee, from the very moment she stepped into the limelight, has courted controversy with her approach to money, parenting, dating and life in general. The singer and entrepreneur recently bagged the Best Female Artist in East Africa at the Africa Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) 2019. However, it is not just her music prowess we can learn from. Having 5 children and a tough start to parenting to becoming an entertainment mogul, here are 5 parenting lessons Akothee taught us.

5 parenting lessons Akothee taught us

Pays attention to education

For someone who had a not-so-good start to schooling, having had her first child at 14, Akothee definitely takes special interest in her children’s education. They go to good schools and she frequently discusses their schooling. While her vast empire was built largely on her business acumen and ability to make the best out of her situation, she recognizes the place of education.

Sees beyond academics

Despite her emphasis on education, Akothee nurtures her children’s talents and gives them a platform to develop them. You have probably watched her dance in perfect synchrony and marveled and the extent she goes to bring her children aboard to share her platform. One of her daughters Aggry Dion, alias Rue Baby,  has an interest in modeling and she has always assured her of her support.

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Teaches her children independence

Akothee is keen not to let her children depend so much on her such that their success will always be traced back to her. She would rather let them find their own way in the industries the choose to be part of her. Take for instance her modeling daughter Rue Baby, Akothee says she has never attended any of her events, but for good reasons. First, she would not want to steal her spotlight, second, she would like her to work just as hard to get where she wants to be. She however emphasizes that she provides logistical and emotional support.

Insight on co-parenting

Akothee had her first three kids with her husband, and two after her initial marriage. How she makes it work with three different baby daddies – nobody knows, but what we all know is that it must be hard. She is very candid about her struggles with making it all work, but the underlying message is, it can work if all parties put their time and effort in it.

There is so much to motherhood

Akothee is simply the life of the party. While not many can match her dressing (that has routinely landed her in trouble), her energy and general lifestyle, she is proof that you do not have to live your life behind once you become a mother. Parenting is overwhelming true, and the go-to decision for most is to focus on the family and let everything else pass us by. But Akothee is a reminder that there is still so much to live for even after babies, a divorce, single motherhood and so much more.

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Sex education

Akothee is blunt, oh , that sassy lady is blunt. Because she is blunt, she says things as she is and is not shy of giving vital sex education to not jut her kids but all the young people who follow her online. The content and amiability of her sex education is a subject of controversy itself. However, the fact that she uses her platform for discourse that most parents would rather not have, is admirable and leaves room for impactful discussions.

Lives her life

Most parents live for the society, and just want to blend it and avoid talk. For Akothee, she does what she feels is right for her and her family regardless of what the rest of the world thinks.