Try a different recipe

According to African traditions, celebrations are not complete without food. It doesn’t matter whether they are snacks or traditional foods but there must be something to eat. Trying a different recipe this festive season can make it fun for you and your loved ones. Just look for a recipe from a different culture and try it out.

Perform tasks together with family members

Most family members usually meet during the festive season. As a young person, this is the best time to learn something new from your seniors, which can be achieved by getting involved in various activities at home. This will see you gain experience in different areas as well as get to learn the character of some of your family members, hence create better and healthy relationship with them.

Visit a childhood friend

We all have childhood friends whom we have lost touch with. Often times, we don’t get time to meet such people but this season you can make an effort to visit them. And it doesn’t have to be friends only; it can also be relatives who stay far away from you. Spend time with them and you will see how great your holiday will be.

Perform an act of kindness

Christmas is all about giving wholeheartedly and as they say, it’s the little acts of kindness that make life complete. This festive season, let us use our time, resources or any other thing that is dear to us to make the season meaningful to others around us.

Create homemade gifts

Christmas is a season of giving out gifts and the gift doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make the gifts yourself and give them to those people who matter most to you. For instance, you can make cards, bake a cake or if you are an artist you can paint a picture and give it to that person you cherish. Alternatively, you can gift them with your time by spending some time with them. You can also offer to run an errand for them or carry out a chore.