6 Easy remedies for morning sickness

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6 Easy remedies for morning sickness
Morning sickness during pregnancy can be caused by hormonal changes, low blood sugar, strong smells, fatigue, stress, vitamin deficiency among other reasons. It is a nauseous feeling that occurs mostly during the first trimester. Although it’s usually the worst in between the 6th and 12 weeks of pregnancy, happening early in the morning, it wears off as the day continues.

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We look at 6 easy remedies that will help you cope with morning sickness

Check your portions

Try as much as possible to even out your portions by eating smaller servings that are more frequent. Eating for two is not an easy feat so instead of the standard three meals eat smaller meals several times. This routine will help you mitigate nausea as you will stabilize your blood sugar levels and at the same time, you’ll neither be too hungry nor too full. Both extremities are one of the simulators of morning sickness.

Another tip is to avoid having an empty stomach or skipping meals. Try and schedule two or three meals in between your normal mealtime. If you’re still hungry make sure to include healthy snacks in between your meal preps.

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Skip certain foods.

During your pregnancy journey try to steer clear of spicy, extremely sweet, fatty and greasy foods.  Instead of eating the foods above, consume low-fat and bland foods like toast and nuts. These foods are effective especially when taken in the morning. The trick is to know what works for you, it could be a cold watermelon or some cereal. The goal is to soothe your stomach.

Also eat foods that are effective in preventing nausea like fruits and vegetables, soups, ginger and healthy fats. Studies show that ginger really helps relieve an upset stomach. Chew on some ginger any time you feel a hint of nausea and include it in your routine as ginger tea, ginger ale, ginger water and ginger chews.

Stay hydrated

Enough hydration will help you through morning sickness and is important for both you and your baby. Try and drink water or any natural juices of your choice on a regular schedule.  Not every liquid is good for you so avoid sweetened drinks and caffeine that tend to get someone dehydrated.

Milk and any milk-related product can also sometimes be a no-no as they often worsen the problem further. Keep a bottle of water close to you at all times to avoid craving sugary drinks.

If drinking water is becoming difficult add some natural orange juice to sweeten it . Also avoid  drinking water while you eat, immediately after food and instead take it 30 minutes after meals

Avoid strong smells

Very strong smells can trigger nausea so keep your distance from perfumes, exhaust from vehicles, cigarette smoke and any other smell that affects you. Smell sensitivity is caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy that can change a once appealing scent to an intolerable one. Avoid closed spaces and ensure that you get fresh air at all times to curb morning sickness.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is essential in combating nausea caused by fatigue and stress. Getting enough sleep ensures that you’re relaxed and your body is getting proper care. To effectively get enough sleep, head to bed as soon as you feel any hint of fatigue. If you’re one to feel tired throughout the day, a power nap will do the most for your general well-being

Engage in light exercise

A short walk goes a long way and is a quick and accessible cure for morning sickness. Taking your walk of approximately 15 to 20 minutes gets your body moving as you release endorphins that help counter nausea and fatigue.



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