Due to the covid-19, more companies are heeding government directives to allow their employees to work from home. However, for most people used to an office setting, working from home takes a while to get used to. Here are 6 practical tips on making the most of your time while working from home.

Schedule everything

Having a daily routine makes things easy to get some work done while in the house. The key is to schedule everything, right down to breaks, chores time, snacking time and social media time. Now that you are home, you can also schedule time to pursue a new-found hobby. The most important thing when it comes to scheduling is to make sure you have the discipline to follow through.

Have work triggers

Commuting, having your coffee in the morning or reading your newspaper probably cue in the work day for you. Now that you are not commuting daily, you can have ‘work’ triggers that signal the start of a work day in your mind. Try to make it as similar to your working from the office routine like taking your morning coffee to jumpstart your day. If making a to-do-list once you wake up gets you into work mode, ensure you do that before you get distracted by social media.

Have a to-do list

Just like working from the office, you probably have a list of duties that you are required to complete daily. Create a to-do list to guide you throughout the day and being at home, you can allocate your former commute time to doing something around the house. For instance, you can make breakfast or get some exercises done. There’s no greater joy than ticking off the things on your list at the end of the day.

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Set ground rules for everyone else

No doubt, working from home cannot be without interruptions and distractions, especially if you have kids. It is therefore important to ensure everyone knows to not interrupt you when it is time to work. Unless urgent, communicate to them to wait until your set breaks to pass on information. If you are using a shared home computer, let them know the hours you will be using it to avoid clashes over it. Other rules you can set include keeping noise levels in the house down.

Have a dedicated work space

You need to set aside a spot in your house where you can work from uninterrupted. It can be a desk at the corner of the living room or bedroom if you do not already have a home office. This ensures that work documents and electronics are kept safe and away from spills. It also helps your mind associate that space with work, which triggers more productivity. This also helps you relax if you are in another part of the house as it physically separates work from home, so to speak.

Socialize with colleagues

You are probably used to having colleagues around when in the office and working from home shouldn’t be any different. This is especially if your projects are collaborative. Keep communication going through apps such as Slack, Google Hangouts and Zoom. This ensures that you are always in the loop about work communication and how they are faring during these lockdown times.