6 things no one ever tells you about newborns

  • PublishedMay 4, 2018

New parents can agree that there is nothing as fulfilling as caring for newborns. It is a heart-warming experience but no one can ever quite prepare you for the task ahead. To help answer the many questions you may have, here are a few pointers to help you navigate this sensitive stage smoothly:

1.Newborns can be jumpy

This should be no cause for alarm. It is known as the Moro or startle reflex and it dissappears by 3 months.

2. He/she has a cone-shaped head

This is only temporary. It’s a result of being wedged up in the pelvis.

3. The lip blisters

The baby might have some blisters on the upper or lower lip, and this is because of vigourously sucking on the breast, bottle or thumb. The blisters are not painful therefore it should be no cause for alarm.

4. Mustard-like poop

This is very normal for exclusively breastfed babies. The stool appears yellowish, grainy and runny.

5. Skin peeling or flaking

Newborns are born covered in various fluids. One of these fluids is vernix, which protects the baby from amniotic fluid. Once the vernix is gone and the baby is exposed to air, they start shedding the outer layer of the skin. The process is completely normal but varies depending on the birth of your child.

6. Always hungry

This is only natural as they are growing. A newborn’s stomach is tiny, therefore they are only able to take in small amounts of milk at a time. This is why they may want to feed often.

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