7 Signs He is Cheating on You

  • PublishedJanuary 22, 2018

You are thinking about it but you do not know how to confront him or whether you should. Some subtle and other not so subtle changes might be happening that you are totally oblivious to.

Here are some of those changes, to help you determining whether or not he is cheating on you:

1. He hides his financial history from you

You have both been transparent about how and where you spend your money, but your spouse starts being secretive about it. He does not show you his receipts anymore and does not tag his expenses. If he is not planning a surprise party for you or saving up to buy you an expensive gift; chances are he is spending that money wining and dining with another woman.

2. Suddenly starts working late

You must admit it is a little weird that he suddenly starts working late and he has never used to come home after 6. He has not mentioned getting a promotion or any extra responsibilities, so what does he do during these extra hours at ‘work’?

3. Starts caring about his hygiene and physical appearance

You know him well, you know whether he works out or not and how many times he showers in a day. If he suddenly starts caring about his potbelly, that you have been complaining about since you got married, something is amiss. It is safe to assume he is trying to please someone.

4. He comes up on your friend’s dating app

Without question, he is cheating on you! He is one of the guys with a profile that says ‘Here for a good time, not a long time’ meaning he is looking to having a good time, nothing permanent because he has you to come home to.

5. Becomes secretive with his devices

He doesn’t let you play games on his phone anymore and when he takes pictures of the two of you, he insists on sending them to you instead of letting you look at them on his phone. There is something he does not want you to see; probably texts from his other woman.

6. Guilty behavior

He starts buying you presents and giving you more attention just to keep you from being suspicious.

7. He suddenly needs a lot of privacy

He wants you to give him space more than he used to and he likes to spend a lengthy amount of time alone with his phone or laptop and you are pretty sure he is not doing anything work related. You are right to question this.

You should confront your partner if you feel like your gut is right. He might confess to it, and a lot of your time is saved or he might have a good explanation as to why he has changed. Either way, you have peace of mind.

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