7 simple ways to tie your head wrap

  • PublishedSeptember 10, 2019

Head wraps are answers to some of the most everyday styling questions. Having a bad hair day? Head wrap. Want to hold your braids up in place? Head wrap. Looking to diversify your style? Head wrap! Want to give look stylish, put together like an African queen? By all means, head wrap! Your first step is getting that head wrap to begin with. The second is learning how to tie and style it in different ways. We have gathered these 7 ways to tie your head wrap, a look for every day of the week!

Simple and chic

This look is ultra-simple, has to be one of the most common head wrap style known to man. Pair this look with big earrings to make a statement.

Put a twist on it

This twist look is just a slight variation of the previous style. It is just as beautiful and will stay in place for most of the day.

Braided wrap

Why use bands to hols your braids us when you could use head wraps. Not only do they look stylish, but they are also ensure your braids stay in place for the rest of the day!

Head wraps and sunnies

We pay great allegiance to whoever came up with the head wrap and sunnies combo – these two go like together like salt and pepper. No matter how you style your head wrap, pairing  it up with sunnies never goes wrong.

Bun it

Bun your head wrap either to rest on your forehead or atop your head, like a crown.

Fancy bow

Looking for something fancy? Work up your head wrap into a fancy bow and slay away.

Wrap it up

You can wrap everything up into one big up do for that regal look.

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