So you want to start living alone, or you are still new to living alone? That is a major move and congratulations. Living alone is just as exciting as it is scary. With our 10 tips for living alone for the first time, you will be just fine!

Do not be scared

Living alone might feel less secure because you have no backup if anything attacks you. Every single sound in the night might scare the living daylights out of you. Do not dwell so much on things that can go wrong. All the same:

Take your security seriously

Invest in a good security system. Purchase good padlocks and always lock your doors and windows. Keep an eye out for strange activity and try to come back home early. Take all the necessary safety precautions.


Most people find it hard to eat when they are alone. By all means eat! Cook food that you will actually enjoy eating. This is the time to try those different recipes and weird combinations without anybody looking over your shoulders.

Keep the house clean

Much as you leave alone and nobody is the boss of you, living in a clean house leaves you in a better state of mind. Plus who wants to come back to a dirty house?

Invite people over

Let people know where you live so they will know what to do in case of an emergency. Besides, living alone can be extra lonely, so people coming over will cheer you up.

Leave the house

You can fall in love with your space, the quiet and peace that you become anti-social. Resist the urge to stay indoors all the time! You might not even notice when depression creeps up on you for being too lonely and limiting human contact. Even if it is to take a walk or go see a friend, leave the house!

Enjoy your freedom!

Want to walk naked around the house? By all means do it! Want your bed in the living room? Your house, your rules! Want to cook in your bedroom? Go ahead! (Or probably not, your house might catch fire). But for real, have fun and enjoy the freedom that comes with living alone.

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