Weddings are headaches, that we will not even debate. But aside from the planning, finances and logistics, the real migraine lies in wedding invitations. Who should  come and witness you and your better half getting into that lifelong pact, who shouldn’t? While who you invite is between you and your partner, have a look at the 9 people you should never invite to your wedding.

Axe the ex

Whether you and your ex are friends (what?), do both of you a favour and leave him out of your wedding guest list. Your husband-to-be might feel very uncomfortable with this arrangement. Besides it can be very awkward for both you and your ex.

His ex

Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy, both Prince Harry’s exes, attended his and Meghan Markle’s wedding. Most people were perplexed, as they should. Even if you stand in a good place with his exes, there is no telling if there is some lingering disapproval between you two. Why sully your wedding day that way? Exes are people you should never invite to your wedding.

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People you haven’t spoken to in years

If you haven’t spoken to them in years, whether they come to the wedding or not does not really matter then. Why spend more on people you do not matter to and do not matter to you?


Ah, those friends you are civil with on the surface, but as, Kenyans would put it, things are quite different on the ground. There is no need for them to come and make you uncomfortable at your own wedding.

Drama king/ queen

Any dramatic person should not be allowed to set foot in the wedding. There is so much drama that goes on already without somebody else adding more.

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Weddings are places for lovers, not fighters. If there is that one person who starts fights, especially after a drink or two, give them the axe.

Your boss

Now this is a tough one, but here us out. If you enjoy a good relationship with your boss, there is no reason why you should not invite them. But if they make you feel tense even on normal days and you are not ready for them to see what your family and friends are really like in their element, then do not make yourself suffer by inviting him.

That one relative

Every family has that one relative, the one that is never pleased, loud about everything, always arguing with people and have negative energy coming out of their ears. You do not need that kind of negativity on your big day.

Anybody you do not want around

It is your day, there is absolutely no reason why you should spend it putting up a show and not being yourself because other people’s presence. Surround yourself with people who love you and bring out the fun side in you!

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