A famous 1970s Kenyan book movie to be released soon

  • PublishedNovember 27, 2017

AfreDev, TV production company , has optioned the TV rights to My Life in Crime and its sequel, My Life with a Criminal: Milly’s Story for a TV series scheduled to begin showing on local television in June 2018.

According to Ramadhan Nungu, filming for the first season is complete. The company bought the rights for an undisclosed amount in early 2017.

‘My Life In Prison’ is believed to be Kenya’s best selling fictional book ever, with more sales than many compulsory high school set books.

Pre-production for the movie has already began, with ‘Nairobi Half Life’ script writer Serah Mwihaki, making a return to script writing.

It is reported that Janet Kirina has been cast as Kiriamiti’s wife, Milly.


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