A prayer for PEACE…

Published March 2013 By the time this issue hits the streets, we shall be a few days to electing our next leaders –county representatives, women representatives, members of parliament, senators,

  • PublishedMarch 1, 2013

Published March 2013

By the time this issue hits the streets, we shall be a few days to electing our next leaders –county representatives, women representatives, members of parliament, senators, governors, and the president and his running mate. The choice is wide and varied and we need God’s help to elect men and women who will serve this country with honesty and integrity, and who will be servants of the people not their masters. We have seen many of the eight presidential candidates flaunt their wealth, power and might through words, huge campaign rallies, helicopters, planes, four-wheel drive vehicles, road shows, billboards, advertising, branded campaigners – the extravagance is not anything seen in this country before. But let this not hoodwink you. Remember, it’s your vote and mine that will produce the next man or woman in State House. So, as we move to cast our ballots, let us remember that we shall be putting the destiny of our country in the hands of the men and women we shall pick to lead us. We have the free will to decide who our leaders will be, but let us also remember we cannot gamble with the future of our country. None of the presidential candidates is greater than our nation and, therefore, our country MUST come first. Democracy dictates that majority rules. So come March 4, it will be your candidate or mine who shall win but from March 5 or when sworn into office, he or she will cease to be your or my candidate and become our leader – all 40 million of us. We MUST accept the verdict and will of the people. The memories of the events that led to the darkest hour in our country after the last General Election are still fresh in our minds. Never again shall we allow this country to be plunged into the kind of violence we witnessed in 2007/2008. Never. We have the power and obligation to say NO to violence. As we go to vote, let us make a solemn vow that we shall not allow politicians who are hungry for power make us fight each other for their selfish gains.

Let us make this a vote for peace by voting wisely and peacefully. Peace by the world’s standard is defined by the absence of conflict, but what we are asking for is the peace that comes from God. Not the peace that is brought about by the mighty in war, but the peace that comes from loving one another as brothers and sisters. We want peace that comes from realizing we are one country, one people, a people of God, and all equal in His eyes. We owe it to God, our country, and ourselves to maintain peace and we MUST do so.

Let us remember that peace rarely comes naturally; in most cases we need to build it. We must continuously work on it. Sometimes peace can be elusive, especially if we depend on ourselves – our might, wealth, intelligence or power to bring it about. When peace seems elusive, let us turn to God in prayer and ask him to replenish it. “It is in the silence of the heart that God speaks,” said Mother Teresa, but too often our hearts are neither still nor silent. In deed, too often we think there cannot be peace unless we have our way. That is not God’s peace.

I urge you to be peacemakers during this important time in the history of our country by not only practicing your democratic right and voting peacefully and wisely, but also saying a prayer for peace.

And here is my prayer:

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.

Matthew 5:9

Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever  is good, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and to show true humility towards all men.

Titus 3:1-2

Lord please make me a tool of Your peace. Instead of the hammer of judgment, let me bring balm of love to my family, friends, neighbours and fellow countrymen. Instead of bitterness and resentment, help me to quickly forgive and accept your will, especially of the leaders you will give us on March 4. When doubt misaligns my emotions, level me with faith, a faith that makes me believe all will be well because You rule the universe. When I cannot find an answer, let me know Your great hope, a hope for a beautiful tomorrow because you will be my guide and shepherd.

When I cannot see the way, bring Your light to my darkness. When I am feeling low, bring me joy. Lord, let me receive

all these things so I can console others and be a peacemaker who unites people not divides them. Lord, I am so grateful that You are helping me become a person who walks in peace. Mentor me in Your ways so I can live in harmony and be a positive example for others. I don’t want to put anyone down; I want to build them up.

I don’t want to discriminate anyone; I want to accept we are all equal in Your eyes. I don’t want to start fights or bring hatred among people; I want to bring them peace and happiness.

Instead of putting myself first, let me be considerate of others, especially my fellow Kenyans. Forgive me if I have been proud or arrogant; teach me, Lord to be humble so I can become a peacemaker. God bless our country and give us peaceful elections.

Published on March 2013

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