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Recently married Simon Muhoro Wangu, 37, and Lilian Haika Micheal, 23, share with LAURA KIBIRU their love story, and how their age difference has not been a hindrance to their

  • PublishedMay 16, 2013

Recently married Simon Muhoro Wangu, 37, and Lilian Haika Micheal, 23, share with LAURA KIBIRU their love story, and how their age difference has not been a hindrance to their relationship.

Some love experiences happen in the most unexpected manner. For instance, what are the chances of a man giving a lift to a friend after work, only to find love at the friend’s destination?


This is how Simon Muhoro, a systems administrator with Bollore ­Logistics, met Lilian Haika, a ticketing and reservation agent with Jetlink Express in 2008, in Mombasa. “I recall it had been a long day at work and I was very tired. Still, I went ahead and dropped a friend who was visiting family friends at Leisure in Kisauni area. I was mesmerised by the beauty of a rather shy girl who came to greet us just when I was about to leave. It was love at first sight. I ­knew I had to pursue the girl,” Simon smiles as he relives their first encounter.

However, the feeling was not mutual as Lilian recollects, “I was informed that guests had arrived at our home. So I went to welcome them, and also appreciate the kind man who had dropped our dear family friend. I barely took notice of Simon!”


With a strong resolve, Simon embarked on the chase. He first secured Lilian’s mobile phone number from the mutual friend. He called but Lilian never answered the strange number. He resulted to sending her text messages, which were also ignored. “I was not interested in him, but he persisted for four months,” she explains with a giggle.

Determined not to give up, Simon requested the mutual friend to intervene on his behalf and he managed to convince Lilian to give her admirer a chance.  She reluctantly started communicating with Simon.

With time a beautiful friendship started and Simon knew he was halfway there.


Simon was set to go on a business trip to Paris, France, a day after Valentine’s Day of 2009. “I realised it was going to be difficult to prove my commitment 1000 miles away if I left without

asking her out,” he explains. So on Valentine’s Day they went out on their first date.

While in Paris, Simon called her three times a day and sent her gifts. “That didn’t come cheap,” he quips. “Simon assured me of his love and deep commitment to the relationship. I knew he was serious about our relationship, other men couldn’t stand a chance,” says Lilian looking at her husband adoringly.

Despite the age difference of 14 years, the couple says this has never been an issue. “My wife is very mature for her age and she has been brought up very well. She is also respectful, persevering,

loving and is my best friend,” he adds. Lilian says she thought about the age difference at the beginning and discussed it with her family who did not have an issue.


Simon made a surprise proposal to Lilian on her birthday on May 20, 2010. “We had a picnic at the beach to celebrate my birthday.  We had a great time together. Just before we left the beach,

Simon went down on one knee and asked me to marry him, while holding a beautiful ring in his hand. Of course I said yes!” she recounts happily.

The couple had a wedding planner and a committee made up of friends and family to help with the planning of the wedding. “We took in a wedding planner to fill up the gaps and assist us with the finer details like décor, booking venues and coordinating the committee. Since we were both working we needed all the help we could get,” explains Lilian.

The couple held a vibrant fuchsia and purple themed wedding on October 29, 2011 at ACK St. Peters Church in Nyali, Mombasa, followed by a reception at Raj Bav villas also in Nyali.

Advice to couples planning marriage…

Lilian: Pray as you embark on the relationship. Also be open with each other.

Simon: Be persistent throughout the relationship and trust your partner.

We wish the couple a blessed marriage

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