Singer Akothee took to social media to defend Tanasha Donna after being accused of attacking her. Akothee was furious over an article in SDE site that claimed she had attacked Tanasha Donna for editing her pictures to look skinny. Akothee said it was wrong to drag a new mother into silly scandals. She insisted that she has no desire to put a woman down.

“Stop dragging this girl into unnecessary things. She just gave birth for God’s sake. Kama kuna kitu sipendi ni ujinga na kugonganisha watu! (I detest people who sow discord among people) All I know is that she just gave birth barely three months ago and as a mother she has all the time to breastfeed her baby and feel herself! I have no time to put a woman down!” Akothee said.

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Moreover, Akothee emphasized that radio Presenter Tanasha Donna had every right to edit her pictures and that it did not affect her in any way.

“Tanasha is the age mate of my daughters, I will treat her as one of them. Moreover, If she edits her photos that’s her choice! How does it affect my going to the toilet?” she said.

Taking down the article

Consequently, she demanded that the published article be taken down immediately or she will go to publication’s offices. Moreover, the owner of Akothee Safaris vowed that no one will ever use her name and brand again to gain comments or likes.

“You will not use your page to thwart women in the name of content and drag me in. No one will use my brand to gain comments and likes (in) 2020. Therefore, at the mention of the name Akothee, just get ready to part with money!” she wrote.

In conclusion, the musician said no one will ever make her pick fights with people she has met on social media because she has no need for beefs with other celebrities.

“Everyone has freedom of speech and how they live their lives. On my page I express my mind and most of the time I am talking to myself and my fans!” she captioned her IG photo.



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@sdekenya I Esther Akoth Kokeyo THE PRESIDENT OF SINGLE MOTHERS DEMAND FOR AN APOLOGY FROM YOU TO ME ON THAT SAME PAGE YOU PUBLISHED THIS RUBBISH, PULL THE SAME RUBBISH DOWN BEFORE I COME TO YOUR OFFICE BECAUSE I KNOW WHERE IT IS. WHOEVER WROTE THIS ARTICLE🙄🙄 !You will not use your page to thwart women in the name of content & drug me in , no one will use my Brand to gain comments and likes 2020,at the mention of that name AKOTHEE , Just get ready to part with money ! you will not and never drag my name again onto the soil of fighting with people I have met or seen on social media. Everyone has freedom of speech & how they live their lives , on my page I Express my mind and most of the time I am talking to myself & my fans! WAJINGA NYINYI

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