Akothee gatecrashes daughter Rue Baby's birthday party, demands to be introduced to son-in-law

  • PublishedFebruary 26, 2020

Singer and travel mogul Akothee decided to gate-crash Rue Baby’s birthday party after her attempts of trying to spend time with her daughter failed. On social media, Akothee reveals that she tried to make plans with her daughter for her birthday celebrations three times but each time her daughter was busy.

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She cancelled my dinner on Thursday @weston-hotel saying she had late classes. Today I asked to spend time with me she said she has nail appointments and hair. I said then when you done with your beauty, she said her friends have organized a birthday surprise for her in the afternoon so no time,” Akothee said.

Rue’s 22nd birthday party was held at Golden Ice Bistro on Saturday. Akothee reasoned that it was okay if she turned up for the party because she was Rue’s mother after all and didn’t need an invitation.

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“Well, @Goldenicebistro is a club so I will just go have fun. I am not going for her birthday. I am the one who gave birth to her anyway. So? Why not attend her birthday? If she doesn’t want, let me be thinned by my old age,” she said.

Akothee, who is known for her candid and open lifestyle, turned up for the party. While responding to critics who were admonishing her for the way she’s raising her kids, Akothee says one doesn’t have to be a strict parent for the children to turn out well. She admitted she had fun although she was not invited to sit at the main table with her daughter.

“My mum was the baddest b*tch in terms of discipline but I still messed up, jumped from one club to another. I invited myself though, she didn’t allow me on her table but it was all good. I had fun my love,” said Akothee.

“Though uninvited and gate crushing you still made my day best friend 😂😂 And you’ll forever be the best gift I can ever ask from God I love you mum 😍😍😍” said Rue Baby’s post in response to her mum’s gatecrashing ways.

Akothee expressed dismay at not being introduced to her future son-in-law and reprimanded the men in attendance for shying away.

I spotted someone on this table that looked like my future son in law, but he was not introduced to me ! Even When the Mc asked  Rue Baby to call her friends to come , the men on this table apart from  MCA Tricky dint come for introduction. I only saw the ladies. Mr SIR .DONT HIDE ,COME OUT STRONG 💪💪, This [sic] things we can handle , I am cool, unless you planning to shakara and leave, ” said Akothee.


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