How to repair nails damaged by gel manicures

  • PublishedFebruary 27, 2020

People opt for gel manicures for various reasons. Main on the list is that they withstand water and cleaning agents better than normal nail polish. So it goes without saying that in the long run they are cheaper and low maintenance. They also happen to be more affordable than acrylics. However, this revolutionary nail technology comes with a set of cons. They have a tendency to make the nails dry, brittle and weak after removing the gel. How can you prevent and remedy that?

Moisturise your nails

Get yourself a rich hand cream to apply on your hands. Thirsty nails are weak nails. Constant exposure to water and soaps will further damage your nails. There are also oils you can purchase that are good for your nails. Specialized or essential oils tend to be on the pricier side but coconut oil works just as well.

Oils help strengthen your cuticles, keep hang nails at bay and keep your nails healthy. You may want to consider sleeping in cotton gloves to moisturize your nails at night.

Seek professional help

Visit a good nail technician. They will recommend the proper products to use and most importantly remove the gels properly. Improper removal involving picking them off are what cause damaged nails. A good nail tech knows what kind of acetone removers to use and how long to leave them on. They have also mastered how to use their tools properly.

Use the right products 

Avoid using fake products on your nails. if your nails suffer extreme damage after the gel sessions, change your manicurist for a while and see if the extreme damage persists. Some beauty parlours do not invest in quality products. This might end up affecting not just your nails, but your health as well.

Don’t leave them naked

If you’re scared of getting gel manicure consecutively, you can revert to normal nail polish. You should still be able to sport cute nails even though they are healing. Even a base coat will suffice. Nail hardeners are also a safe bet during your gel break. The polishes are meant to still offer protection from water and other elements. Besides it takes 3-6 months for nails to completely heal from gel damage. A plus is they will hide any discolouration you might also have.

Eat the proper diet

Nails thrive on a high protein diet. That is after all what they are made of. So get in your fish, nuts and avocados and witness the change. Dairy foods and leafy greens  are recommended for nail health. Ask your doctor about the proper vitamin capsules like biotin you can use as well. Check out this list of foods that are good for your nails.

Keep them short and neat

Longer nails are more prone to breakage. This is because they bend and get stuck on things. A broken nail can be really painful too. Keep your nails short and buff them regularly. Gels are known to cause ridges is why. Buffing also enhances bloodflow which is good for nail health. Also note that you should avoid cutting your cuticles because it leaves the new nail vulnerable.

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