Media veteran Julie Gichuru’s advice to aspiring journalists

  • PublishedFebruary 27, 2020

Veteran journalist Julie Gichuru took to her Instagram to dish out pieces of advice to a young aspiring journalist and encouraged other new journalists as well. Julie, who loves to mentor youths, asked people to ask her any questions they need answers to on social media. One follower asked Julie Gichuru for advice on how he can become a successful journalist.


Julie Gichuru asked the young aspiring journalists to grasp every opportunity available and to make the most out of it so his efforts will bear fruits one day.

“Read a lot, write, take opportunities for public speaking and performing especially theater. And Vlog.” Julie said.

Advice to all aspiring journalists

As a person who has been in the media for decades, Julie is always faced with similar questions and has encouraged journalists to try and stand out as much as possible. For instance, in a YouTube channel called Building Dreams, Julie gave tips on how to be a good journalist in May 2016.

“For those who want to become a journalist, a change agent or someone in the media space generally especially when it comes to news, I would say communicate effectively. That means read a lot, write a lot, write well.” Julie said.

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The media veteran revealed that she never replies to people who want to be journalists yet their grammar is poor.

“I get a lot of letters from people saying they want to be a journalist and the grammar is wrong. I will never respond to you. You’ll need to try to be excellent at everything because there’s so many of you trying to do the same thing that in order to stand out, you must stand out!” the media personality said.

Moreover, Julie emphazised that those people who want to get into the broadcast industry have to be excellent at public speaking and should be very confident in themselves and their skills.

“If you want to broadcast, speak well. Practice whichever language you’re going to be using. Practice in your room or in front of the mirror in your bathroom reading from a newspaper. That’s absolutely fine. Train yourself to be excellent and you will stand out!” Julie concluded.




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