T.V girl and Capital FM presenter Anita Nderu through her Instagram post today revealed that she has battled depression.

In a long post that has inspired some of her fans and saw others sending in messages of love, Anita revealed that she went through depression for five months, last year. She added that she has since recovered and gotten a peace of mind.

“The people close to me know what a struggle and mental torture last year was. I battled depression for five months and it was not pretty. They answered so many phone calls of me crying. I began to feel like a negative Nancy and I was. I recovered towards the end of last year and have been well since. Joy came with todays morning in a special way and I thank the Lord for answering my prayers, ” read her post.

Anita who will be turning 29 next month is excited to celebrate her birthday that will be marked with a pink pyjama party. Full of hopes for this year, the sassy presenter has since reached out to the companies she has always wanted to work with, paid rent for her new place and even shopped for her house hold items.