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Anita Nderu and Barret Raftery’s Multicultural Love Story.

Anita Nderu and Barret Raftery’s Multicultural Love Story.
  • PublishedJanuary 3, 2024

The Rafterys are the Cover Models for Parents Magazine this festive season. Sci-Fi meets Crime unfolding their love filled with a rich tapestry with multicultural backgrounds gracing this month’s issue.

American-born Barrett tells of how he grew up with a Peruvian mom while having a biological family. This saw him having a grasp of the Spanish language as well as embracing the culture. He reminisces about his father learning terms in the Kikuyu language while awaiting dowry negotiations simply not to get anything wrong. On the other hand, Anita was making regular trips to the US. The duo have been into each other’s cultures and backgrounds since Barrett relocated to the country saying ” Anita didn’t come to the States because of me.”

”Barrett gives me peace.”-Anita Nderu.

While going through a break-up, the duo met through their mutual friends as they kept mentioning each other. Recalling a long hour call, Barrett cited comfortability and understanding in marriage. Anita points out communication in a relationship indulging into her marriage, ” I point out issues and I insist on them. ” She believes that if issues are not spoken out no one can read the mind of the significant other.

The couple has been blessed with their beautiful daughter: Kaya. Kaya’s name has an interesting meaning; from them being the sacred forests for the Mijikenda tribe in Kenya to being a popular album by the late reggae music legend Bob Marley. Anita recalls their trip to Jamaica and how they sang to Baby Kaya following Bob Marley’s album.

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Keya Frankline

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