This Nairobi weather is intent on freezing us to death. As it gets colder, our fashion options become limited because nobody is just about to freeze and shine. If you are one of those people who love to dress up but lately it has been raining on your parade (quite literally), here’s help. While we could go on and on about the ankara bomber jacket, here are a few reasons why you need to run out and look for one as soon as you finish reading this.

They are warm

We are all looking for warmth right now. If there is a way we can look good in this weather then that is an option we are willing to seriously consider. Thankfully, warmth is just one of the many things these bomber jackets offer.

They are unisex

The ankara bomber jacket is a stylish piece that will look great on both ladies and gents. That means you can always steal his or hers when they are not looking.

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Pop of colour

The one thing that we love about the ankara fabric as a whole, is its vibrant colours and interesting prints. The colours will transform any basic outfit into a fashion statement. Likewise, an ankara bomber jacket will beautifully complete a minimalist outfit, and the rainbow of colours add cheer to these gloomy days.

ankara bomber jacket
Sharon Otieno Source: African Affair

Lots of styling options

There are a million ways to wear the ankara bomber jacket, if not more. While it is inherently a street look, you can sneak it to the office for a smart casual look. The versatility of this piece is understated.


If we are listing edgy outfits this year, this jacket has to be in the top five. Bomber jackets are in themselves edgy, but ankara bomber jackets take the whole edge game to a whole other level.