As soon as you start having sex consistently, you begin developing your repertoire of sexual techniques—your go-to ways of making a woman moan, and keeping her coming back for more.
Sometimes, that kind of sexual improvising works. But other times, it just leaves her feeling irritated.
How many bedroom offenses are you guilty of committing? Read on to find out—and learn alternative moves that she’ll be begging for next time.

You leave your socks on

Maybe you just like keeping your feet warm—or perhaps you think leaving your knee-highs on is as erotic as her wearing heels to bed.

Wrong. It’s actually a major mood-killer for women. It’s just not visually attractive. You look like a toddler—and clearly, we don’t associate that with sexuality in any way.

You repeatedly touch her no-fly zones

Every woman has a few places on her body—often her stomach or her thighs—she feels self-conscious about having touched. And consistently trying to bring that sensitive spot into sex play won’t ease her discomfort.

f you’re trying to put your hands on this body part, even if you say you’re admiring it, it’s a quick way to shut us down.

You let her do all the work when she’s on top

Woman on top is a position of sexual power for females—but that doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with a dead fish.

Even when she’s in control, she’s looking for an engaged bedmate.

You keep calling her “baby.”

The occasional “baby” or “honey” can make your partner feel connected. But overdo it on the generic pet names, and you’ll just sound like a seductive sweet talker.

You can always stick to her first name—she’ll love hearing you scream her name in the throes of pleasure—or for more intimate moments, use her nickname that you’d never want your friends to know about.

You gaze at her vagina

Look, all those intricate folds are fascinating. But staring down her lady parts during oral doesn’t make her feel appreciated—it’s just kind of creepy.

A little bit of looking and admiring is fine, but don’t fully focus on it.

You spring dirty talk on her unexpectedly

We’re not talking about spewing your go-to phrases in a moment of passion—that’s fine. We mean randomly upping the dirty-talk ante—spouting off a string of expletives she didn’t see coming.

In other words, you mentally built up the necessary arousal for your dirty talk to seem appropriate, but your girl is just caught off guard.

You attack her clitoris

Orgasm doesn’t happen via clitoral obliteration.

Men think ‘clitoris, clitoris, clitoris’—they think it’s all about the clitoris, so they focus on it. They don’t realize it’s incredibly sensitive. It doesn’t need to be jackhammered or be the sole focus.

Instead of going straight to high-speed stimulation, start by very slowly stroking her clitoris—and let her body tell you when it’s time to try a new move.