Anxiety disorder: What to do when you just can't stop worrying

Anxiety disorder: What to do when you just can't stop worrying
  • PublishedMay 11, 2021

Do you constantly feel physically tensed or find yourself waking up at night worried about something? Do you often find it hard  to deal with a situation? Are you always in a state of restlessness or constant worry about everyday events?

Then you might be suffering from Anxiety Disorder- A mental health condition characterised by feelings of worry, fear or anxiety that tend to affect one’s daily activities.

We all at times get worried about different things such as family, work or different commitments. When worried, we often find ourselves having sleepless nights due to the many thoughts running deep down in our minds. However, when these feelings interfere with your daily activities to a point that you are not able to concentrate or they manifest physically through sweating or shaking(for some people), you might possibly have anxiety disorder.

As with anything health-related, it is important to seek professional health in such instance. You can also incorporate these tips when you feel anxious:

Use worry as a motivation

Most people will often mistake worry as a bad thing but you can use that worry as a stimulant to make change. For starters, it helps you realise that there is a problem or an underlying issue that needs solving. Doing this will often prompt you to act to either rectify the situation or seek help.

How to know if you’re stress eating and how to stop
Biochemically ,stress eating is when your body is eating because of the stress-response hormone Cortisol that triggers cravings for pleasure or for sweet or salty indulgent foods.

Think Realistically

Are you aware that how you think about a situation is not actually how things will turn out?In the moment it may seem like a big deal but once you train your mind to think realistically, you might discover that what’s worrying you isn’t worth worrying about.

Accept things you can’t change

Sometimes we punish our minds, and essentially ourselves, trying to solve things beyond our control and scope. Therefore, try to analyse and understand what could be causing you anxiety and if it is beyond your control, let it go.

How to ease stress after a hectic week
It can be hard to make time for yourself, or even to find time to get everything done. This can get overwhelming and stressful.

Meditate, exercise and try deep breathing exercises

With anxiety, you have to be intentional about getting out of your head as those thoughts of anxiety can send you down a rabbit hole. Thus, taking your time to listen to your favorite music is a good way to meditate and relax your mind. Also, engaging in a random exercises like jogging will always help you ease the worry.

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