• PublishedJuly 25, 2017

There is nothing as disappointing as finding out that a guy you really like is a sloppy kisser! Well, maybe having the reputation of a bad kisser could be worse.Whatever the case, your first kiss with anyone will determine where that relationship is going. If you really like her, avoid these things, as they are signs that you are a terrible kisser.


Take a moment and pay close attention to the face of the person you’re talking to; see how they’re cringing their face?Once you’ve established they’re no in any physical pain, then maybe its time o check your breath. If you’re trying to impress, don’t even think about those garlic fries or onions. Also pick up some breath mints. PS everyone can tell when you skip on brushing your teeth.

Too rough.

Admittedly, I was a little sad for the bride in that viral bad kiss demonstration video. For heavens sake it was her wedding! If you find yourself biting, gripping and clawing, you should be making out with an ape, not a human.Relax and have fun with it, you are not kissing hulk.


Eyes wide open.

Sounds like common knowledge right? You’d be surprised at the make out horror stories out there. Come on guys! If you should have learnt anything from all those Mexican soap operas we’ve been forced to grow up with, it’s that the eyes shall remain closed!


Dry lips.

There’s nothing embarrassingabout wearing lip balm guys. If you’re a girl with dry lips, you really need to re-evaluate your life choices. Dry, flaky lips are so annoying and not enjoyable at all. Friction is only cool on shoes and tires. Do your partner a favoUr and gloss up.

Sloppy kisser.

Unless your saliva is whipped cream, nobody is trying to have it overflowing in their mouths.Learn to contain your saliva, get that saliva in control.

Rhythm and cues.

Making out should be like a dance: one move leading to another, bodies in sync and stuff. As nothing’s perfect, you’re bound to meet a few hitches, but if your partner is constantly backing away from you, chances are: you are not ready for a human yet.


Tongue in throat.

Before you attempt tonguing, learn it first. While tonguing can be sensual, fun, even your secret weapon, it can be a hard technique to pull off.Not to worry though, YouTube’s got your back. There’s practically a tutorial on everything. But if you’re with a more experienced person, why not let them guide you, make out like you’re dancing and everything will fall through!

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