The head wrap, popularised by West African women, has evolved into a stylish protective style, especially since more and more women are keen on protecting their hair from everyday styling and environmental elements such as the sun, wind and rain. And not only that, head wraps can be a saving grace during those bad hair days when a visit to the salon is the last thing on your mind.

There are so many head wrap styles with one for almost every occasion. Fashion designer and founder of fashion and arts training programme – the African Hut, Nehema Georgina, shows us different ways to style your head wrap.

The Turban

This is a simple and easy go-to style that can work for a professional and informal setting. Choose a fabric that is longer in length than width and with a print that isn’t too busy with mild colours like black, blue and purple.

The High Bun

You’re bound to make heads turn at any event or special occasion with this proud style. For this particular style, you can use one long piece of fabric but Nehema uses two scarfs to create a beautiful contrast with a patterned fabric and a plain one

The Three-Way Knot

An alternative for the common Big Knot, this statement style beams of sheer confidence and is for the loud, bold and proud. Nehema uses three different scarfs with three different patterns to produce a beautiful cohesive headpiece.