Barack Obama has called on young men of colour to avoid toxic masculine behaviour.

Speaking during a mens summit held at the Scottish Rite Temple in Oakland, California the former USA president gave a candid talk on what it meant to be a real man and  explored the barriers that normally leave the young men at a disadvantage.

“All of us have to recognise that being a man is first and foremost being a good human. That means being responsible, working hard, being kind, respectful, compassionate. If you’re confident about your strength, you don’t need to show me by putting somebody else down. Show me by lifting somebody else up,” he said.

Obama noted how cultural influences, like music, can also perpetuate these stereotypes by bragging about money and showing overly sexualised images of women and went ahead to advise  men not to prove their sexuality by having multiple women.

“If you are very confident about your sexuality, you don’t have to have to have eight women around you twerking. I’ve got one woman, who I am very happy with, and she’s a strong woman,” he said, as the audience erupted in applause.

The toxic masculinity has therefore has brought things like emotional detachment and hyper competitiveness leading Aggression, intimidation and violence to our culture.

Later on During the session Obama also encouraged men to motivate and support their community and create more open spaces where they can be vulnerable with each other and socialise.