Best time to toilet train children and tips to help you train your child like a pro

  • PublishedApril 8, 2019

Your little munchkin is fast approaching three years and they still poop on their diapers. Diapers… those things are punching huge holes in your wallet and all you want is for your little one to understand and cooperate with you on this. You look at your neighbour’s child and feel envy rising up your core. That little rascal is only two-years-old and not only knows how to use the toilet but flush it as well! You ask yourself where you went wrong or if there is any medical reason why your three-year old is taking too long to poop on the potty. You are borderline thinking of using a cane on your precious tot the next time they mess their pants. But you refrain yourself and ask Mother Google to help you before you lose it.

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A study conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School has revealed the best time to start toilet training is between 24 to 32 months.

The findings of the study which were published in the Journal of Paediatric Urology observed 150 children aged between 4 and 12 who were divided into two groups. They determined that children within the group who received toilet training after 32 months of age showed more incidences of bed-wetting, day-wetting and other urge incontinence issues.The study also revealed that timing as opposed to method used to toilet train was the most important success factor.

Before commencing on tips to help you toilet train your child, it is important to understand the reason why they poop in their pants or diapers in the first place.

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Majority of children who do not poop on the potty or toilet usually have a nasty experience of painful poop associated with constipation. Yes we know you feed them well and ensure they are hydrated hence should’t have constipation, but there are other causes of constipation in children. Children are generally great at not finishing things and pooping makes it to this list.

Children are not patient enough to wait until all the poop comes out hence may hold some back and happily continue playing. Once the poop is stored up, it becomes harder for them to feel the urge to go which in turns causes the poop to harden. When they finally get the urge to poop, the process will definitely hurt and they will blame the potty or toilet for their misfortune. Result: ‘potty is bad for pooping, no more pooping on potty’


Believe it or not some children fear using the toilet. Fears of falling into the toilet when doing their business and also the sound of flushing terrifies the living lights off children hence they avoid such experiences at all costs.

Top Toilet Training Tips That Actually Work


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Hole in the diaper

When your child asks for a diaper please give it to them. No questions asked. Refrain from going on your ranting spree and give them that peace to go about doing their business. When they are not watching, cut a hole on the diaper and make them sit on the potty or toilet to poop. Give them time and after they are done, show them the poop on the potty/toilet and congratulate them on “using” the potty!

Easy clothes

Always ensure your baby is wearing clothes that are easy to take off. This helps them remove the them easily hence avoid postponing the urge to poop. Remember the more they postpone pooping, the more prone they are to constipation.

Hold off on flushing.

Maybe, just maybe the sound of flushing spooks your little one and may be the culprit behind not using the toilet? If this is the case, wait until they are out of the toilet for you to flush. As they become more comfortable with the noise, invite them in and allow them to do it themselves. Some children also feel like they are losing a part of themselves when they see their poop go down the drain. Deal with this by telling them to wave bye bye to their poop, which may make them feel better. Children!

Help them feel secure.

If your baby is afraid of falling inside the toilet, ensure the potty seat fits snug on the toilet or hold onto them as they poop. Also pick a potty with a sturdy base that will not tip over when your child gets up from using it.


When praises go up… blessings… sorry poop come down! Praise your little munchkin’s attempts to use the toilet or potty. Even if nothing happens. Be patient and never punish or show disappointment when things do not go as planned. Reassure them that they are brave and on their way to using the potty like a big kid.

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