Sometimes you can think about sex, want to have sex, but when you do have sex, you don’t get very excited and you don’t even come close to orgasm, or you may get a lacklustre one. People who have sex yet don’t find it exciting often confuse their lack of arousal with lack of sexual desire. When you want to have sex and are not getting pleasure from it, reasons may be varied and could include sexual boredom or sexual incompatibility. But the most common reason is not keeping arousal at a high during lovemaking. You can desire sex yet not become aroused during lovemaking just, as you can be aroused without having a desire for sex. Arousal is at times defined as the subjective experience of feeling turned on. It is actually the second stage of the four parts of the sexual cycle: desire, arousal, orgasm, and resolution. Though these stages are similar for both sexes, the timings are different. Women require more arousal time than men. Would you like to read the rest of the article? See More details