BOND OF LOVE: IN HOT PURSUIT – Persistence led to marriage

  • PublishedJuly 25, 2014

David Kabugi and his gorgeous wife, Mercy Anne Wanjiru, held their wedding at Tayiana Gardens, off Kiambu Road, on August 20, 2011. They shared the story of their love with FAITH MATHENGE-MURIGU

David Kabugi, 28, an Internet Marketing Consultant and a co-owner of Afrisurf Communications, met Mercy Anne Wanjiru, 25, an auditor with Deloitte & Touché, during a Prayer Breakfast Network (PBN) meeting in Nairobi in 2008.

Mercy recalls their first meeting: “I first saw David on January, 12, 2008 during a prayer breakfast meeting organised by Hope FM fans. He was the speaker on that day. At the time, I was a bachelor of commerce student at the University of Nairobi. After the meeting, I said hello to him just like everyone else did.”

“As one of the (PBN) big fans, I kept in touch with members of our group,” says David. “Through our interactions, I discovered that Mercy was a very responsible and focused girl. We would communicate a lot with mercy. Later I asked her out on a date as I wanted to know her better,” he adds

“We became good friends and enjoyed each other’s company. In July 2008, before leaving for Kilifi to work as a volunteer, I told Mercy of my love for her,” recalls David.

Mercy was not interested in a relationship at the time and this left David heartbroken. He sought God’s help on the matter as he was convinced Mercy would become his wife one day. As he prayed, he felt in his heart a deep conviction to ‘Pursue her until he overtake her.’ With that he was at peace and left for Kilifi in August 2008.

In October 2008, there was a PBN launch in Mombasa, which they both attended. “It was a godsend opportunity as we got to talk for long hours,” David recalls. “Later, I would visit Mercy in Nairobi once in a while and our friendship blossomed.”

“On February 14, 2009, David travelled from Kilifi to speak in a church in Limuru,” says Mercy. “He requested me to accompany him. We later had coffee, and he asked me if I had made up my mind about being his girlfriend. It was an evening of confessions as we realised our feelings were mutual,” she adds.

“I completed my degree in June 2009 and got a job with Deloitte & Touché in September of the same year. At the same time, David returned from Kilifi to start his own company.

The proposal…

“David proposed in a most dramatic way on February 20, 2010 in Kilifi. He requested me to accompany him to Kilifi to collect his belongings and also visit a mutual friend. We had a good time walking on the beach and enjoying the sunset before David went on his knees and proposed. It was very romantic, and of course I said yes.”

“I was very excited,” says David.

“David is the most honest and consistent man I know. He expresses his love for me openly and he loves God passionately,” says Mercy with a loving glance at her husband.

The couple informed their families of their love and desire to marry. Mercy’s parents were a little hesitant as they felt she was still young. They expected she would pursue her master’s degree first. David took her to meet his parents at their home in Nyahururu where she was received well. After that they visited Mercy’s home where they received parental blessings and negotiations for bride price started.

We had a glorious wedding day which ushered us into the beauty of marriage,” says Mercy. “We are grateful to our parents, family and committee members who made it a unique day,” David adds.

We wish the couple a blessed marriage.

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