BOOK REVIEW: Drunk by Jackson Biko

  • PublishedJuly 17, 2019

Written by Jackson Biko popularly known as Bikozulu, Drunk is a ‘small book’ that is centered on alcoholism, a sensitive issue in our society. The author is a renowned journalist and writer. His blog, Bikozulu, is one of the most read blogs with quite a huge following. Numerous awards won on Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) are proof of his ingenuity.

Drunk’s small size is an indication of the targeted audience – Biko’s fans – who are used to reading his blog posts in a single sitting. The book follows the life of Larry – a successful young man who seems to enjoy his work as a salesman. At the beginning, we are introduced to Larry whose only flaw is women.

Larry excels in his job and is awarded by a promotion, which does him more harm than good. He soon realises that sitting behind a desk as opposed to meeting clients is not his cup of tea. Depression kicks in and he finds solace in alcohol and everything goes downstream from there. He is eventually fired from his job.

As the story unfolds, we get to learn that Larry was raised by a single mother and his attempt to forge a relationship with his father is met with a lukewarm reception. He thus blames his father for his downfall brought about by depression, inability to commit to ladies, lack of zeal, and alcoholism.

How does it end? You have to get a copy and find out for yourself. Thankfully, it doesn’t disappoint.

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