Business meeting culminates in marriage

  • PublishedFebruary 28, 2014

 Mercy Wairimu, 33, a marketing manager, and Ken Wamae, 36, a financial consultant, were mere acquaintances who fellowshipped in the same church. However, a business consultancy meeting led to a friendship that culminated in marriage. They share their love story with ESTHER KIRAGU.

Mercy Wairimu and Ken Wamae fellowshipped together at Nairobi Light House Church for many years but hardly talked to each other. However, a mutual friend’s wedding in 2009 provided a perfect opportunity for them to chat. “I was standing at the bus terminal waiting for a matatu to take me home after attending a friend’s wedding when I bumped into Mercy, also coming from the same wedding and waiting for transport. We greeted each other and then struck a conversation mainly centered on business. Mercy wanted to venture into business and she sought my views as she had an idea I was in the finance world,” says Ken.

“I briefed him about my planned business venture and asked him if he would be willing to meet me for further consultation,” says Mercy. Ken agreed to meet me and an appointment was set. He was prompt for the meeting but left feeling a bit confused. “Although business preoccupied most of the discussions, we had a chat over lunch and Mercy struck me in a different way. I resonated with her values and beliefs, and was amazed by her,” Ken says.

They spent more time together after this initial meeting and Ken started feeling drawn to Mercy. Eventually he asked her to be his girlfriend but Mercy asked for some time to think about it. “After praying and seeking advice from my pastor, I found peace with the idea and in May 2010, I told Ken I was ready for the relationship and he was very excited,” Mercy explains.

Dating and courtship…

The couple says the time they spent together on dates was a period of getting to know each other. “We met severally for dates and also traveled to various places together. These moments spent together gave us ample time to learn more about each other,” Mercy says.

“We often visited each other at home where we met other family members and this provided an authentic environment to know each other in a genuine way,” Ken says. One of the challenges the couple admits experiencing during their courtship was adapting to each other’s lifestyle.

“Both of us were set in our own ways. We were used to our independence and opinion but we had to learn to accommodate each other,” Ken explains.

Surprise proposal and wedding…

In October 2011 while having lunch at Mercy’s home, Ken proposed to Mercy in the presence of her parents. He says he wanted to propose in a way that would challenge him, hence the choice of a proposal in the presence of Mercy’s parents. “Mercy was in tears as she accepted the engagement ring,” Ken recalls.

From that point they involved their parents in their wedding plans. Dowry negotiations and other arrangements were set in motion. A wedding date was set in consultation with the two families. The couple held a baby-yellow and black themed garden wedding on February 11, 2012 at the Nairobi Pentecostal church (NPC), Karen.

Their wedding cost Ksh 600,000 and was financed through their savings and contributions from family and friends. “We chose all our service providers, negotiated for cheaper prices and then assembled a wedding committee made up of close friends and family to help co-ordinate the wedding. This made the wedding arrangements smooth and the wedding day was a great success. We had a memorable event and were so happy to be surrounded by family and friends on this joyous occasion,” says Ken.

The couple celebrated their honeymoon in Kilifi and also toured the coastal region extensively.

We wish the lovely couple, a blissful marriage.

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