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Congratulations on your pregnancy! It is obvious that you expect your waistline to expand but that should not be the only change during pregnancy. In the first trimester (Up to13

  • PublishedMarch 12, 2014

Congratulations on your pregnancy! It is obvious that you expect your waistline to expand but that should not be the only change during pregnancy. In the first trimester (Up to13 weeks), the change in hormones causes your breasts to feel fuller and tender. You could also suffer from morning sickness, have a general feeling of body weakness and for most women, a tendency to sleep more. These changes settle down fairly as you move to the second and third trimesters and you can now begin to enjoy your pregnancy. Here are a few tips to help you celebrate your pregnancy with ease.

Do you have the glow?

Luckily for most women, pregnancy brings a healthy glow on their skin, which results from greater blood flow and more oil production in the skin. However, not all are so lucky. Sometimes pregnancy causes a discolouration of facial skin, more facial breakouts, itchy skin and stretch marks. Do not allow this to put you down. Purpose to enjoy the pregnancy regardless of the ‘not so good’ changes. Use a suitable lotion or moisturiser to soothe itchy skin and also reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

 Get ready for childbirth by exercising

Exercising during pregnancy gives you more energy and gets your body ready for childbirth. If you have no complications that would bar you from exercising, be sure to enjoy the full benefits of gentle exercises, such as walking, swimming, light aerobics as per the doctor’s guidance. Take lots of water as you exercise and be sure to stop if you feel dizzy or fatigued.

Get spa treatments

Getting pampered in the spa can be a real treat during pregnancy. One benefit of massage is that it relieves tension and soothes muscle aches and pains. Many spa treatments are safe, however, caution should be exercised for those treatments that raise your body temperature, such as mud baths and sauna sessions. If your skin is not sensitive, you could also consider having a facial treatment. Be careful if your spa treatment involves aromatherapy oils, as some oils are not recommended in pregnancy.

Experiencing emotional roller coaster?

Sometimes pregnancy comes with a lot of mood changes; one day you are excited and the next you are all gloomy. You may have concerns about the future of your little one, about the process of childbirth and parenthood. It can be quite overwhelming but the good news is that you are not alone – many researches done over time show that most pregnant women go through mood swings. Ensure that you take good care of yourself, get enough rest, and engage in stress relieving activities like exercising or talking to friends.  If you feel depressed, consult a doctor.

Enjoy thicker, fuller hair

Most pregnant women usually have thicker and fuller hair. One benefit of pregnancy hormones is that you do not loose as much hair as you normally would. Most of the hair falls off after the birth of your child but after six months from birth, your hair should be back to normal.

Dress fashionably

Despite the growing bump, you can choose to dress fashionably, comfortably and affordably. Invest in new pants, nice dresses and a couple of comfortable tops. Do not forget to wear a comfortable, well-fitting bra. Avoid the high heels until after the baby is born and instead invest in comfortable, low-heeled shoes.

 Eat a healthy diet

Avoid eating junk and instead settle for healthy, nutritious foods. Choose your food wisely from all the food groups – grains, fruits, vegetables, meats, beans and dairy. Do not skip breakfast. Make it a habit to eat healthy snacks in between meals and keep off undercooked foods such as eggs and meats, some types of fish that are high in mercury, and unpasteurized dairy foods.

Take supplements

When you are pregnant, you need extra folic acid, calcium and iron. The best way to get these nutrients is through eating healthy foods. If your doctor suggests that you take pre-natal vitamins that your baby needs for growth and development, take them faithfully. Some pregnant women may need supplements to target specific vitamin deficiencies such as iron and B12.

Stay well hydrated

Being properly hydrated will help keep your energy levels up. It also helps prevent bladder infections and constipation. Drink plenty of water and fluids such as fresh juices and avoid caffeinated beverages. If your urine is concentrated, this could be an indicator that you are not taking enough water. However, avoid drinking too many fluids before bed.

 Feeling sleepier?

During the first trimester it might seem like you sleep all the time. By the third trimester, getting a good night’s sleep is more difficult. Frequent urination, heartburn, discomfort and anxiety can keep you awake. Try sleeping on your left side, using pillows behind you and between your legs. Exercise during the day rather than in the evenings.

 Sex is safe

Unless advised otherwise by your doctor, having sex is safe during pregnancy. However, you may have to try some new comfortable positions to accommodate your new figure. Your breasts and nipples might also be sensitive. Talk to your partner about what feels good to you. Let your doctor know if sex causes any cramping or bleeding.

Published on March 2013

Enjoy thicker, fuller hair

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