For most people, the best part of Christmas is receiving and unwrapping gifts, including your husband – because really, who does not like a good gift?  Looking for the perfect gift can be such a hassle especially if you don’t know where to start. This holiday surprise your husband with these amazing Christmas options;

Skin Care package

Gifting him a nice skin care collection  will be the ultimate surprise. This set can include a body scrub, moisturizer, a shaving cream and beard wash to ensure that his skin is smooth, silky and his beard is well taken care of. Purchase the beard starter pack here

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With the cold season still lurking, get your hubby a woolen scarf that can be paired with any of his clothes.You could go for a scarf in darker shades if you’re not sure of what specific color to choose. A scarf will not only  leave him warm and but is also very handy.

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A warm bathrobe

The hubs deserved to feel warm and cozy this Christmas. Get him one in his favorite color, he will enjoy wrapping himself after shower and all year round.

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If your husband is a music lover then look no farther when looking for the perfect gift. A good pair of wireless, Bluetooth headphones in his favourite colour is the answer.

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Happy socks

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It’s the holiday season, what better way to spice up your partner’s socks collection than with happy socks. Buy him three or more pairs of his favorite animation and patterns. You can also buy two pairs of the same socks and rock them together