Common sex injuries and how to fix them

We are always reminded to play it safe when it comes to sex and we should. However, no matter how cautious we try to be at one point or the

Common sex injuries and how to fix them
  • PublishedNovember 13, 2020

We are always reminded to play it safe when it comes to sex and we should. However, no matter how cautious we try to be at one point or the other we may end up with injuries. Sex being a taboo topic prompts people to go for days while suffering without seeking help. The truth is, these kind of injuries are more common than we think. Here is a compilation of the most common sex injuries and how to remedy them.

Vaginal tearing– Arguably the most common sex injuries among women. Although the vagina is one of the strongest human organs, that does not make it immune to bruising or internal scratches. This happens when the woman is not well lubricated and has long vigorous sex. The friction dries up and tears the labia, vulva or the inside. To prevent it you need to make sure your partner is well lubricated through foreplay or use a lube. Fix: Stop having sex the minute you feel pain or irritation. If there is excess bleeding or pain, see a doctor.

Muscle pull- Unbeknownst to many, this kind of injury does not always happen when couples try to be too adventurous in the bedroom. It can happen any time at the most inconvenient moments making people writhe in pain. Effectively killing the mood. Many start experiencing pain after the deed is done because the oxytocin hormone produced during sex increases one’s tolerance for pain. A preventive measure is starting with simple positions then work your way up to advanced poses. Fix: Ibuprofen should help with the pain. Take  a rest, compress and elevate the point of the injury. See a doctor if the pain persists after a few days.

Carpet Burns- One of the safest sufaces to have sex is a matress and with good reason. Sometimes however you get lost in the moment or perhaps feel you will not be able to bring your A-game on the bed. So you do it on the carpet and end up feeling uncomfortable or being in pain afterwards because of the friction. Fix: The wound might not warrant a trip to the hospital but do care for it to avoid infection. Next time, try a throw like a blanket to reduce friction.

Foreign objects getting stuck- Items like condoms, sex toys or tampons can get stuck in the vagina. These are what doctors call foreign objects. Fix: When that happens, give yourself 15 minutes so the vagina stops being engorged from arousal to retrieve it. Insert two *clean fingers to try and fish it out. Do not use any other item to get the object out. See a doctor as soon as possible if you are unable to get it out of you.

Broken penises- A penis can break especially when it is hard. This is called a penile fracture. It happens when the penis is bent suddenly or forcefully and the lining of one or the two cylinders in it raptures. Apart from pain signs include a popping sound, almost immediate loss of erection, swelling and dark bruising. Fix: You will without a doubt have to see the doctor.

Slippery showers- It might sound like a sexy idea but you have to be extra careful in this arena. Ensure you have something to hold on to because of the bathroom’s slippery nature to avoid falls. Fix: Take pain killers and cold compress any aching areas. Broken bones, loss of consciousness and bleeding will need immediate medical attention.

Infections- Yeast infections, UTIs and Bacterial vaginosis often (but not always) result from sex. Women are more suseptible compared to men. Avoid sex completely till the infection clears and the inflammed tissues heal. Having sex will likely be painful, worsen the issue and put you at risk of contracting STDs. Fix: Make sure your partner’s penis is clean and lube up either naturally or using an appropriate lubricant. Yeast infections can be cleared with over the counter medication but do see a doctor to make sure you are not dealing with an STI.

Bumps, bites and bruises- You could fall off the bed, hit your head on something or scrape a knee. Your partner can also bite or scratch you a little too hard. These things happen. Fix: Simple first aid can remedy most of these situations but any broken body parts warrant a trip to the hospital.

Back injuries- Most common with people who relish rough sex. Positions also contribute heavily to this injury. Make sure you are both comfortable during coitus to prevent this. Employ the use of pillows for support and go for easy positions. If you already have back issues, take it very easy on yourself and let your partner know beforehand. Fix: An ice pack on your back can reduce inflammation, painkillers help too. Rest for a few hours to feel better.

Nb: Death- This would not be classified as an injury but people have died from over exerting themselves during sex. Those with pre existing heart conditions, or on viagra need to be very vigilant. It is known to occur more among older men so they are advised not to work themseles to their graves.

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