CREATED BY GOD TO FIND love and joy in humanity

                      Please, dear Soul, you never need to apologize to me. You can always be completely candid with me, I

CREATED BY GOD TO FIND love and joy in humanity
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Please, dear Soul, you never need to apologize to me. You can always be completely candid with me, I never take offense and I do empathize with how you feel…

An unidentified Soul knocks on God’s door.

“Come in,” God says.

As the Soul floats to the luminescent couch, God asks, “Are you ready to become human?”

“Yes, I think so. So, um, who am I going to be?”

“Alright, let’s see what we have here for you…Ah, looks like you may have gotten lucky! We have a male, Caucasian, born in California human being ready for you.“

“Phew!,” the Soul exhales, visibly relieved. “Can you tell me more?”

“OK, I see that you’ll be born to a married couple, affluent, no siblings yet so you’re the first, and…well, you’re going to be a pretty healthy baby. Congrats!”

“Awesome! I’m totally psyched! What else can you tell me? Am I smart? Tall? Athletic? Talented at something?”

“Hhmmm. Your genetic structure shows you to be just about average intellect, if you’re basing it on how humans measure intelligence. And above average height, so yes, tall. You should develop to have long limbs, good hand-eye coordination, strong cardiac capacity, so yes you do have the potential to excel athletically.”

“Fantastic! And um, any chance you can share my, er, physical, I mean, well, facial characteristics?”

God chuckles, “You mean, are you going to be an attractive human?”

“Yeah, sorry, is that shallow to ask?”

“No, it’s perfectly natural. You’re going to have blonde hair, blue-green eyes, good bone structure, remarkably symmetrical features, and your parents are what humans would refer to as ‘attractive’…So, I think the definitive answer is – yes.”

“Wow, this all sounds too good to be true!”

God smiles, “Anything else I can answer before sending you off?”

“Think I’m good. I’m excited! Oh wait, I almost forgot what about my personality? Am I funny? Will people like me? Am I going to be a good person?”

God looks down, pauses, and speaking slowly, almost cautiously says, “Your genes do show signs of extroversion…you’ll share similar traits to your biological father, who is, what humans would call, socially adept, charismatic… But, I can’t tell you much more than that. Only you can determine what kind of person you’ll become.”

“Yeah, but don’t you control the person’s character?”

“I don’t. You do.”

“Oh. Well can you at least tell me what my future looks like?”

“That’s not how this works. Listen, you’ll be born with literally everything you’ll need to survive and even thrive as a human being. From there it’s simply a journey, your journey. I’ll always be here if you need me but it’s up to you to shape your destiny. Got it? OK, It’s time to send you off. I have three more souls to humanize this second.”

“Ok, Ok. I’m ready. Let’s do this!”

“Alright then, looks like the heart and brain are just about ready for consciousness. The womb you’ll be in looks healthy, very nutrient rich. Boy, you’re one lucky Soul!


“God speed dear Soul, and enjoy the journey!”

As the Soul vanishes into the ether, God files his records in the ‘Observe From A Distance’ folder.

Another Soul approaches God’s door, releasing a barely audible, hesitant knock.

“Please, come in, sit!”

Lingering, wary of entering God’s space, the Soul drifts to the intimidating couch.

“Are you nervous? There’s no reason to be shy around me.”

“Yeah, guess it’s obvious. I’m sorry. I’m just….I dunno, God…

I’m very ambivalent about humanity. Actually I’m scared. Looking down at them I just feel sad, frustrated, sometimes even angry when I see the things they are doing. I’m just…I’m not sure if I want to go through that state of existence. Seriously God, how do souls survive being human?”

God leans back and smiles.

“I understand. You’re certainly not alone in feeling that way.

You should hear the discussions the Angels and I have about the crazy spectacle humanity can be! Listen, I know how easy it is to look upon them and only see ugliness, destruction, cruelty, irrationality. Or perhaps, how hard it is to see anything but those horrible aspects. But, don’t forget, there is the other side too. The kindness, the beauty, the creativity, the joy, the energy, the hope, and above all else, the love – the fundamental energetic force that created it all, that brought them to life.”

“But what if I’m born in a war-torn country? Or the humans who parent me abuse me? How am I supposed to find love and joy in violent, dark circumstances?”

“My dear Soul, you will always be able to find love and joy because it comes from within you. You are the source, the creator, and if you can access that truth that resides within you, love, joy, miracles and beauty will surround you.”

The Soul lets out a despondent, heavy sigh.

“I dunno God. I hear what you’re saying, I understand your words…But if all this love exists why isn’t it more visible? Why is it not defeating the bad stuff? I mean, these humans are literally killing themselves! They continue to annihilate their planet, the planet you created for them! Don’t you feel angry? Why aren’t you more upset? Sometimes I wonder why you even bother keeping them alive, why you continue to send us to that state of existence… I’m sorry, so sorry, I’m being rude and I really don’t intend to be. Sorry, please forgive and excuse everything I just said.”

“Please, dear Soul, you never need to apologize to me. You can always be completely candid with me, I never take offense and I do empathize with how you feel.

Listen, becoming human will be a profound phase of your existence. Existing in the human body, living on Earth, the fragility of it all – it is hard and every single soul goes through periods of suffering and pain. That’s a necessary part of the journey I created for you souls to pursue.

Because within this journey, what you may not be able to see from way up here, in the midst of all the pain and apparent futility, lies inexplicable, truly wondrous, magical moments. I can’t express how much beauty you will experience from the journey of life. The love, oh the love you will experience will transform you. And why does that happen? Why have I created it to be this way?

Because these human beings I created are nothing without souls. They are simply physical matter expertly sculpted. You are the master, the controller, the human being is merely a vessel. Understand? When you enter the human body you may feel like a weak, powerless, physical being, but you must remember that you are so much more than that.

And I’m never going to give up, how could I possibly do so! I could never stop believing in the power of humanity simply because I know the power that lies within each and every one of you souls.”

“I think I get it, I do. I’m still scared, but I get it.”

“Good. Now I’d love to continue discussing your fears, but I’m afraid it’s almost time to send you off. If you’re not ready to become human you have to let me know now.”

“No, I want to do this now. I can do this, I know I can.”

“That’s the spirit! Do you want to know who you’re going to become?”

“Yes, please.”

“You’re female. Born in Mumbai. Extremely intelligent…”

“Wait, you said Mumbai? India? And I’m female? That doesn’t sound too promising God. May I ask what er, socio-economic state my so-called parents are in?”

“You mean are you born into a poor or wealthy household?”

“Um, yes.”

“Relatively speaking, your caretakers are below the poverty line.”

“Oh, geez,” the Soul sighs.

“We’re running out of time here. But please, hear me when I say – there is magic within you. I see an expansive heart, intellect that can take you very far, and most of all, I know that you’re capable of connecting to your true source of love.”

“Thank you God. Ok, guess I just have to do this. Before I go, are you going to be there for me? Will I be able to reach you when I need you?”

“I promise, I will always be by your side. Listening, caring and even carrying you when you need me to.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you….”

The Soul’s voice softly echoes as it dissipates into the ether.

God smiles, contently, and files the Soul’s records in the ‘Potential – To Guide’ folder.

“God, may I come in?” yells a Soul from the hallway.

“Yes, yes, please, come in, come in….have a seat…..

So, are you ready to become human?”

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Published march 2016

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